New Perkins® 2806FA-E18TAG CPCBIV+ certified engines for India.

At the recent Excon 2023 exhibition in Bangalore, Perkins introduced its CPCBIV+ certified engines designed specifically for the Indian electric power generation industry.



The new 2806FA CPCBIV+ platform will cover two key power nodes, with the 2806FA-E18TAG1 providing up to 477 kW mechanical power at 50 Hz while the 2806FA-E18TAG2 delivers up to 595 kW mechanical power at 50 Hz. With over 90 years of design experience and more than 3 million Perkins-powered generator sets operating around the world, Perkins understands the needs of the power generation industry. This knowledge and expertise have driven the design and development of the 2806FA-E18TAG, a new engine developed specifically for India that will also be built in country, at the Hosur facility.

The 2806FA platform provides excellent cold load acceptance and meets ISO 8528-5 class G2 performance. Steady state stability at constant speed and load achieves ISO8528-5 class G3 performance. This performance makes the 2806FA ideally suited to a wide range of electric power applications. From a stationary prime source of power to a mobile unit serving the rental sector, the 2806FA performs seamlessly, generating dependable power for everything from jobsites to critical installations including hospitals and data centres.

The 2806FA is economical as well, with an improvement in fuel efficiency over its CPCBII predecessor and with an excellent diesel exhaust fluid to fuel ratio, the 2806FA helps control the cost of operation. The high efficiency selective catalytic reduction (SCR) aftertreatment is paired with a 66-litre diesel exhaust fluid tank that enables extended run time between fills.

Keeping the power on.

“Reliable electric power is not an option, it’s a fundamental need to keep operations running, whether that’s for standby when the mains power fails or to meet onsite prime power requirements,” says Abhinav Gupta, general sales manager – South Asia. “Our engines are engineered and expertly crafted to provide reliable, stable and sustainable power for our customers, with the new 2806FA being the latest in a long line of products that also deliver a low total cost of ownership for our customers in India.”

For generator manufacturers and end users looking to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, the 2806FA can, subject to the fuel used meeting Perkins’ fuel specifications*, run with biodiesel up to B20 based on a 20 percent dilution of biodiesel with standard diesel or on 100 percent hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO). 


What is CPCBIV+? 

CPCB IV+ emission standards, mandated by the government of India and enforced by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) since July 1, 2023, are among the most comprehensive and stringent norms for power generation engines. Compared to the earlier CPCB II standards, these measures result in an approximate 90 percent reduction in particulate matter (PM) and harmful oxides of nitrogen (NOx) concentrations. In addition, the latest CPCB IV+ emission standards establish a single standard for both prime and standby use generator sets, covering all fuel types for engines with a power output up to 800 kWh.

Helping generator set end users maximise their investment.

The 2806FA produces up to 595 kW mechanical at 50 Hz. The engine features the latest electronics with a single, on-engine electronic control module (ECM) that simplifies wiring harnesses, eases installation, supports future diagnostics and is fully capable of integration with customers’ telematics solution. The ECM also manages all aspects of aftertreatment operation without operator input.

Together, we power ahead.

The new 2806FA-E18TAG1 and 2806FA-E18TAG2 join the Perkins full line up of power solutions developed to meet the reduced emissions needs of customers around the world.

As with all Perkins engines, the new 2806FA is supported by the global support network of 88 distributors covering 185 countries, ensuring stable and sustainable electric power when customers need it, where they need it and how they need it.

Perkins at Excon 2023.

Held at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) Bengaluru in December 2023, Excon was a perfect opportunity for Perkins to showcase its wide range of power solutions for the industrial and electric power generation industries. Aside from the 2806FA, the Perkins stand exhibited a range of industrial diesel engines, thousands of which are supplied to Indian OEMs, and subsequently exported to more than 76 countries.

Aside from engines, the Perkins stand also focused on the parts, service and support coverage provided by its distributors in territory, through Power Parts in North and East India and Gmmco Power in South and West India. Their nationwide coverage means access to genuine Perkins parts and expert service and advice is never far away from a Perkins-powered machine.

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* Fuels must meet the specifications and characteristics described on in order to be used in Perkins engines and reduce the risk of downtime.

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