Fuel injection explained

Perkins fuel injectors come in a number of options. They can be mechanical or electronic, depending on your engine model, and similarly single or multi-spray. They are thoroughly tested to ensure they offer optimum combustion, the highest level of performance, are clean and meet the relevant country’s emission standards.

The fuel injector is a major component in the fuel injection system. Its task, simply, is to deliver the right amount of diesel fuel at the right time into the pistons to allow the combustion process to take place.

To do so, every time it needs to incorporate:

  • A measured amount of fuel, according to the model you operate
  • A timing mechanism for the fuel
  • A process to atomise the fuel, turning it into a fine spray capable of combustion

Fuel injectors deliver the exact volume of fuel needed

Fuel injectors deliver the exact volume of fuel needed

A fuel injector does all these three things.

The fuel injector is shaped like a nozzle. A measured volume of fuel enters it at high pressure and emerges in the chamber surrounding a needle valve, held shut by a spring. That valve will open only when it comes under a pre-set specified pressure and then the fuel is forced into a second, lower chamber and then out into the main combustion chamber of the engine through a series of tiny holes.

These small holes have been deliberately designed in order to break the fuel up into fine drops – the process known as atomisation – to create a mist that will combust easily when exposed to the intense pressures that are generated in the cylinder itself.

Immediately after this, the injection pump or timing valve will cut off the fuel supply and the spring compression forces in the needle will shut it again.

Depending on the model of engine you have, the fuel injectors will either be mechanically or electrically controlled and they will feature single or multi-spray atomisers.

Perkins fuel injectors are highly reliable, opening and shutting thousands of times an hour. As with all our genuine components, replacement fuel injectors carry a comprehensive 12 month warranty.

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Fuel pumps

A fuel injection pump is a very complex piece of engineering. Each one is calibrated to deliver just the right quantity of fuel via the fuel injector into the combustion chamber. This ensures the maximum power output and optimum fuel efficiency. Although their complexity makes it complicated to replace individual parts, it is relatively easy to fit entire replacement units into place.

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Fuel pumps
Fuel pumps

Preventive maintenance

Regular maintenance is the best way of ensuring your engine lasts as long as possible. There are regular checks that you should carry out in line with the recommended schedules to do this.

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Product offering

Using official Perkins repair products can considerably enhance the performance of your engine and extend its life. These parts are available to order quickly and easily from your local distributor.

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Genuine experience

Supporting your engines is a truly global undertaking. Both our main warehouse site locations in the UK and Singapore, were deliberately chosen to give as wide a reach across the world as possible.

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