Air filter maintenance is essential

Air filter maintenance is essential

Changing your Perkins air filters needs to be part of your maintenance regime. The air filter ensures that the air entering the combustion chamber is as clean as possible. The consequences of contaminated air include wear on the engine caused by foreign bodies and a less efficient combustion process. Perkins air filters are covered by our 12 month warranty.

The combustion process of all diesel engines relies on the pistons compressing air and fuel together at very high pressures and for the resultant heat to cause an explosion which sets in train the internal combustion sequence. The role of an air filter is to prevent any unwanted materials from entering the air supply and ensure that the air is clean.

An air filter is a relatively simple part for any engine. It costs very little and its replacement is straightforward, but you should not ignore it when it comes to regular maintenance. A faulty air filter could end up costing you many times its value should yours fail or prove to be inadequate.

Air filters keep your engine running efficiently

Among the potential contaminants that can enter the engine are pollen, dirt, soot and dust. They may seem very minor, but under pressure their abrasive characteristics can be magnified. Air filters are generally made of cartridges containing a fine filter paper. The holes in it are large enough to allow the air to flow through it, but still small enough to catch any unwanted debris.

The key advantages of regular air filter maintenance include:

  • Improved performance – clogged filters can have a significant, detrimental effect on how your engine runs,  hampering performance and reducing power output leading to a lowering of operator work-rate
  • Lower emissions – because the air-fuel mix is finely calibrated, failing to maintain your filter will cause an imbalance and less efficient fuel use, contributing to greater emissions
  • Prolonged engine life – the air filter traps the dirt and other debris that can cause wear to your engine. The actual size of the debris might be quite small but even those as small as a grain of sand can significantly damage the engine over time, with the potential for damage to pistons, rings and cylinder linings

All these issues can be avoided by incorporating the replacement into your regular maintenance regime.

The frequency at which air filters need to be changed will vary according to the engine model you run, and more importantly the environmental working conditions. Dusty and dirty environments and enclosed spaces raise the importance of checking the filter condition regularly.

Warning; always switch the engine off first before changing the air filter. Diesel engines produce exceedingly powerful suction, and the air intake goes directly into the engine, meaning almost anything can fly or drop into the cold air collector box and be pulled into the engine.

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Fast facts

Perkins air filters:

  • Ensure air entering the combustion chamber is clean
  • Increase fuel efficiency and performance
  • Need to be regularly maintained

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