Coolant is liquid engineering

Coolant is vital for the smooth operation and long life of every engine we produce. Using Perkins® Extended Life Coolant (ELC) extends the time needed between coolant changes and is the recommended product for doing so. It also maintains your warranty and protects your engine and cooling system.

The primary function of an engine coolant is to help remove the heat that is generated in the engine block from the combustion of diesel fuel. Typically in heavy duty diesels, up to one third of the energy produced needs to be removed by the cooling system.

Coolant is a combination of a heat transfer medium, typically high quality water and glycol, various corrosion inhibitors and functional additives depending on the coolant type.

In addition, the coolant has a protective role. It guards against corrosion of the engine components and protects the engine from freezing – with potentially heavy financial implications – when temperatures fall below zero. Equally, it cools in very high temperature environments; this is important because our machines operate from the hottest parts of the planet to the coldest. It lubricates the water pump and maintains general chemical and oxidative stability to ensure efficient functioning of the cooling system.



Perkins® Extended life coolant cuts costs and is designed for your engine.

Perkins® Extended life coolant

Perkins ELC and ELI data sheet

ELC provides protection for your engine and is more cost effective than conventional coolant technology. Read more on the specifications and benefits. 

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Top performance

Perkins ELC is supplied in 20 litre and 200 litre drums, and is premixed containing 50 percent ELC and 50 percent totally purified water.

You need top performance. That is why our ELC meets or exceeds ASTM D4985 standards for heavy duty, low silicate anti-freeze/coolants and ASTM D3306 for automotive applications, TMC RP-329 for extended service, ASTM D-6210 for fully formulated coolants and SAE J1034 for coolants.

Our ELC is designed to lower your owning and operating costs by extending the intervals between draining and replacing the coolant up to 3000 hours or 3 years. This reduces the cost of coolant and additives by as much as 80 percent over other, conventional non-Perkins heavy-duty coolants. Our ELC provides maximum protection of metals including; aluminium, copper, brass, steel, solder and cast iron.

Benefits of ELC

  • ELC premix formula guarantees that the local water quality where you are operating does not compromise coolant performance.
  • It eliminates any worries about building up hard water scale and improves the life of your seals by removing one of the main causes of damage.
  • Anti-freeze protection to temperatures as low as minus 37°C and anti-boil properties reduce damage from steam in the cooling system.
  • It reduces engine coolant and additive costs and eliminates the need for supplemental coolant additives.
  • Extends coolant change-out intervals and by reducing the interval, reduces disposal requirements.
  • ELC contains an advanced formula technology with organic acid additive corrosion inhibitors, such as a combination of mono and dicarboxylates for maximum protection of copper, solder, brass, steel, cast iron and aluminium.

It’s always worth bearing in mind that safety precautions must be taken when checking, adding or changing coolant.

Perkins ELI

Perkins ELI (Extended Life Inhibitor) is designed for industrial and marine engines working in environments that do not experience freezing temperatures. It contains the same active protection technology as ELC, which makes it the right long-lasting corrosion protection system protection for your engine. With its long lasting protection it reduced the problems experienced with conventional coolants and supplemental coolant additives (SCAs).


Preventive maintenance

Regular maintenance is the best way of ensuring your engine lasts as long as possible. There are regular checks that you should carry out in line with the recommend schedules to do this.

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Product offering

Using official Perkins repair products can considerably enhance the performance of your engine and extend its life. These parts are available to order quickly and easily from your local distributor.

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Genuine experience

Supporting your engines is a truly global undertaking. Our main warehouse site locations in the UK, USA, Brazil and Singapore, were deliberately chosen to give as wide a reach across the world as possible.

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