Pump up the power with Perkins

Pump up the power with Perkins

Whether its pumping oil from the ground to get to our fuel tanks, moving waste water to keep communities clean and healthy, or transferring water to irrigation systems to crops that will eventually end up on our table, the importance of centrifugal pumps can’t be overstated. Just ask the team at Pioneer Pump who make some of the industry’s best pumps.

For more than 20 years, global manufacturer Pioneer Pump has made a name for itself through its innovative pumping technology that spans across a variety of applications and uses. And its latest pumps, the Pioneer’s GL-3 10X8 and 12X12, are no exception. Easily customizable, these new pumps allow customers to choose control panels, trailer options and pump ends.

Meeting the demands of rental

In recent years, Pioneer Pump has been seeing a strong response from rental companies, many of which have recently created specific locations or business units to focus on the ever-growing industrial pump market.

In fact, according to market research firm Technavio, the global industrial pump rental market is poised to grow by $1.54 billion USD over the next five years, progressing at a compound annual growth rate of more than 7 percent during the forecasted period.

Perkins: The power behind the pumps

Both the GL3 10X8 and 12x12 are powered by a Perkins® 1706J-E93TA six-cylinder, turbocharged engine that delivers 415 hp.

As the first original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in North America to feature the Perkins® 1700 Series in its machines, Pioneer Pump worked closely with the Perkins team to create an engine that fits exactly with its newly-designed line of pumps.

What to consider?

Pump specific centres at rental companies are helping their customers find the right machine to match the requirements of the job. But before customers rent pumps, they should consider the following to ensure peak performance:

  • Liquid or solid – The consistency of liquid being moved is a big determiner of the pump type. Centrifugal pumps work better with liquid that is largely free of debris
  • Depth – Diesel powered pumps generally only work when removing water that is 25 feet deep or less. Anything deeper will require a submersible pump
  • Rate flow – Pump capacity will determine the power you’ll need to perform the job

Increasing market

The GL-3 models are hitting the market at a time when rental companies are expanding inventories to meet increasing needs from customers.

As rental companies are expected to increase investments in equipment over the next five years, rental fleet companies are responding to the rising demand in part by creating industry-specific teams within the business to boost customer service.


Perkins Power Perkins Power

Texas First Rentals™ prefers Perkins power

The Texas First rental fleet includes Perkins-powered products from major OEMs including Genie®, Sullair®, Allmand® and many other top-tier manufacturers. There are numerous Perkins powered units in the fleet, Taylor says, including light towers, compressors, trenchers, aerial work platforms, welders, pumps, and generators.

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Texas First Rentals™ prefers Perkins power Texas First Rentals™ prefers Perkins power

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