Propulsion for pleasure craft

Propulsion for pleasure craft

With excellent power-to-weight ratios, our engines give boat designers and fitters all the flexibility they need when it comes to new boat design or re-power installations for pleasure craft.

They offer excellent reliability and fuel economy, while being clean, quiet and smooth in operation. Low noise, rapid starting and low emissions are achieved with advanced combustion systems that allow for precise, multiple injections within each combustion cycle, reducing fuel use and lowering emissions.

We provide marine engines for pleasure, commercial use and for auxiliary power.

Compact solution

Developed from our 1100 Series platform, the engines for marine pleasure applications are compact yet punch above their weight in terms of power, giving boat designers and fitters flexibility when it comes to new boat design or re-power installations.

The 6.6 litre M300C engine.

Our marine engines for pleasure craft deliver the reliability and performance that are so vital for a safe and pleasant voyage.
Jonathan Wellstead, marine sales manager

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M90C Pleasure craft engine

Engine uptime is critical for you, your crew, your clients and your bottom line. That's why Perkins propulsion engines power your vessel to any port.



Powering the commercial fleet

Reliability and economy are prime considerations for customers, whatever the commercial use of a marine engine. Our engines give you all the reliability you need for clean, quiet and smooth operation.

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Electricity afloat with auxiliary products

Our marine engines for auxiliary applications give you low cost of ownership, excellent fuel economy and competitive prices both for engine and parts.

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