Guangdong Waterway Bureau - Perkins sets sail in South China

Chinese customer Guangdong Provincial Waterway Bureau has brought Perkins engines onboard two of its newest 10-tonne crane ships. The engines provide the dependable auxiliary power the vessels need to get an important job done – installing the beacons that keep the waterways safe.

Guangdong Province, in South China, has been busy developing a modern network of waterways that encourage more bulk transport of key resources and support the region’s growth.

An important feature of these waterways are navigation beacons, which assist a new generation of river transporters in travelling the tributaries safely.

Installing and maintaining these beacons is carried out by specially designed vessels, which are fully equipped with cranes and other heavy-duty equipment to get the job done.

When the local Guangdong Provincial Waterway Bureau decided to build two new 10-tonne crane workboats, it selected Perkins engines to power the vessels’ on-board generators.


Standby and prime performance

The customer purchased four engines for its Yue Biao 1608 ship and four further engines for the Yue Dao Zheng 210. For each vessel, a 40 kW Perkins 4.4TGM provides standby power for emergency generators, while three 120 kW E70-TAG3M units drive the boats’ prime generator sets.

Main priorities for the customer when it selected the engines were proven reliability, low noise levels, high power density, compact design and ease of installation. This made Perkins, with a long tradition in delivering refined and reliable marine engines, the ideal choice.

Patrick Lam, deputy general manager at Foshan Sime Darby Elco Power Equipment Ltd, which supplied the Perkins engines said: “This is the first project in mainland China we have been involved with and we are delighted to have had very positive feedback on the reliability and low noise level of the engines.”

Low noise, low cost

The Perkins® 1206E70-TAG3M is a turbocharged, charge-air-cooled 6 cylinder, common rail engine with ratings from 120 to 240 kWm, all certified to U.S. EPA Tier 3 standards. It features a unique combustion system, which enables high power output and low fuel consumption, saving customers money.

The 4.4TGM, meanwhile, is based on the proven core of our 1104 range, which also delivers dependable power, low noise, low emissions and low cost of ownership.

"With the great success of the 10T crane workboat, the ship owner would like to choose Perkins for their furture workboats," added Mr Lam.