Ultimate Power Solution and Perkins meet customers' needs

Electric power experts Ultimate Power Solution joined forces with Perkins to meet the complex power needs of clients in Saudi Arabia’s oil sector and Kenya’s health sector.

Saudi Aramco is one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies. Based in Dharan, Saudi Arabia, the state-owned energy giant also operates a joint venture with Shell, called Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Co, or SASREF.

SASREF’s activities are focused on refining crude oil and converting it into various types of fuel, mostly for international markets. Among the company’s top priorities is to create a working culture that encourages staff retention.

This priority was put into action in the construction of a new leisure and recreation complex, called Waha Beach Camp. It features games rooms, sports courts, meeting rooms, a theatre, restaurant, gym, swimming pools and more. All the facilities can be used free of charge by the company’s staff and their families.

To ensure continuous power to the facility, SASREF asked one of its authorised suppliers, Ultimate Power Solution (UPS) FZC, to design a reliable power generation solution.

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Growing force in electric power

UPS has experienced impressive growth in the electric power sector. Customers across Africa and the Middle East regard the company as one of the leaders in supply, logistics and manufacturing of a wide range of generators and power stations.

Renowned for its reliable production processes and excellent installation design, the company’s reputation is further strengthened by the leading global businesses it chooses to partner with, including Perkins, Leroy Somer and Meccalte.

UPS delivered a standby power solution for SASREF comprising three diesel generators powered by Perkins® 2000 Series engines. With excellent power density and a compact size, the Perkins engines reduce installation costs for UPS and provide reduced ownership costs for SASREF. The engines also deliver reliable and robust performance.

UPS and Perkins worked closely on the design of the installation to ensure that, in the event of a grid failure, they would seamlessly synchronise and automatically manage changing loads.

Helping patients across Kenya

UPS also met the complex power requirements of Megascope Healthcare (K) Ltd, one of the biggest providers of medical supplies in Africa. The company selected UPS to supply generator sets, fitted with Perkins® 1100 Series engines, to more than 40 hospitals and a medical centre in Kenya.

The 1100 Series engines that power the generators provide exceptional reliability and low cost of ownership for the customer.

UPS’ strong partnership with Perkins was also evident when it supplied two 1500 kVA generator sets, powered by Perkins® 4012-46TAG2A engines, to deliver prime power for Iraqi customer Al Rowad Cables.

UPS’ business continues to go from strength to strength. Having recently become CE Certification (European Conformity) Registered, the firm is ready to add the European market to its ever-growing base of satisfied customers.

Reporting live from Middle East Electricity 2019

As a leading global supplier of electric power engines, Middle East Electricity 2019 is an opportunity to showcase our latest products and services – and meet the generator set manufacturers and operators who use our engines every day. This year our power dense range of diesel engines including the 1206, 1706 and 2806 will feature prominently on the MEE stand alongside an interactive display of Perkins EU Stage V range of electric power engines for mobile generators.

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