Stable standby solution keeps hospital in good health

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A state-of-the-art private medical centre in Bangladesh has a power supply it can wholeheartedly trust thanks to Perkins and Marapco.

Chittagong in Bangladesh is the country’s second-largest city and widely regarded as a major coastal seaport and financial centre.

As the economy thrives, so does investment in its infrastructure and vital services. Among the latest developments to arrive in the city is the world-class Belle Vue Hospital.

With private patients to care for around the clock, and safety the number one priority, the hospital needed a failsafe and dependable power supply. Its operations – both figuratively and literally – couldn’t be interrupted.

The hospital’s administrators approached generator set supplier Marapco – part of Jubaili Bros, a leading power supplier in the region – for support. With more than 20 years in the business, Marapco had the experience to provide a top-class solution to match the hospital’s top-class services.


Marapco’s solution comprised three MP880E generator sets, powered by Perkins® 4006-23TAG3 engines.

Generator set

Perkins power on standby

The installation was required to deliver sufficient load to drive all the hospital’s critical functions when mains power was lost. The hospital estimated it would need to run for around 500 hours a year.

Marapco’s solution comprised three MP880E generator sets, powered by Perkins® 4006-23TAG3 engines. The 6 cylinder 4006 engines are highly regarded in all the key electric power sectors, with exceptional power-to-weight ratios and compact designs, but most importantly proven reliability in prime and standby applications.

The installation was completed in January by Marapco’s regional partners Technohaven Power, who also commissioned the solution. Throughout the journey, Marapco provided technical support and advice to ensure the installation met the needs of the customer in the most cost-effective way.

Thanks to the collaboration between Marapco and Perkins, the hospital can now deliver the reliable power to keep its patients safe and its reputation in the best of health.

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