Sri Akila Castings iron foundry


Sri Akila Castings iron foundry is a family owned business that has operated out of the Thiru. Vi. Ka industial hub in Chennai since 1974.

The foundry is able to produce 2400 metric tons of iron cast in a year. A workforce of 85 employees oversees the production, control, inspection and testing of the iron. At this scale, the melting and casting of metal is a highly measured and controlled procedure. The furnaces require a constant power supply in order to maintain the standard temperatures necessary to melt iron in large quantities. A power failure would result in production being stalled, materials wasted and equipment damaged.


Perkins steps up

To expand the business and secure reliability within their processes, Sri Akila Castings partnered with Perkins’ GOEM, Supernova – to supply diesel powered generator set equipped with the Perkins 4008TAG2A for standby power generation.

the Perkins 4008TAG2A

Perkins engines provide results

Severe power outages which last for hours are a common occurrence. Thanks to its excellent load acceptance capabilities the Perkins 4008TAG2A engine can respond rapidly, producing a stabilised level of power and allowing processes to continue. The generator set is able to produce 1010 kVA of standby power in the event of a failure from the main supply. The installation of the 4008TAG2A at Sri Akila Castings is testament to how large and small businesses alike can rely on the Perkins 4000 Series engine to uphold their production at all times.

“It was the Perkins 1010 kVA generator set, together with the maintenance and service support from its distributors and GOEMs, that ensured our survival through the power crisis situation. We would gladly recommend the Perkins brand to our associates and customers.”
P.P. Prabhu, chief executive officer of Sri Akila Castings

Fast facts

Sri Akila Castings rely on the Perkins® 4008TAG2A for a constant source of electrical energy, which is critical to the castings process.

  • Customer: Sri Akila Castings
  • Location: Chennai, India
  • Engine Specification: 1 x 4008TAG2A
  • Rating: 1010 kVA
  • Application: Standby power
  • Sector: Manufacturing