Santa Farma Medicine Production Facility


Santa Farma is well established in the pharmaceutical industry with the manufacture and sale of healthcare products for leading multinational companies since 1944. In order to expand its range and maintain production of the highest quality medicines possible, Santa Farma requires its facilities to be equipped with the most cutting edge manufacturing equipment available. This includes a robust method of standby power to support production processes and the overall function of the facility in the event of a mains power failure.


Perkins steps up

Pharmaceutical plants such as Santa Farma rely on the uninterrupted availability of power for the storage and preservation of perishables that have extremely limited life spans. Power outages can cause in-process products worth several millions of dollars to be discarded due to damage, spoilage or contamination. Santa Farma chose to insure against this with the installation of three diesel powered generator sets supplied by Perkins original equipment manufacturer in Turkey, Teksan Generator, each featuring the Perkins 4016-61TRG3 diesel engine as its prime mover. The system is used for standby application in order to energize the plant in the event of a power cut.


4000 Series provides results

The diesel generator system is able to produce a total of 7500 kVA of standby power enabling the three Perkins 4016-61TRG3 engines to provide energy for the whole plant, including all manufacturing processes and safety features. The economical and durable nature of the Perkins 4000 Series engine means that Santa Farma can rest assured that its facility in Istanbul will go on producing the medicines which people rely on day in and day out.

“We chose Perkins engines for the known quality of the brand and the technical service support that they are able to provide.”
Deniz Ar, sales and marketing director, Teksan Generator
Santa Farma Medicine Production Facility

Fast facts

The Perkins®  4016-61TRG3 provides standby power to support production at Santa Farma’s Medicine Production Facility in Istanbul.

  • Customer: Santa Farma Medicine Production Facility
  • Location: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Engine specification: 3 x 4016-61TRG3
  • Applicaiton: Standby power
  • Date of installation: February 2014
  • Average running hours: Up to 75 hours per year