Power in the extreme keeps oil flowing in Algeria with Ausonia

When an Algerian oil giant needed emergency power on a site that experiences intense temperatures at both ends of the thermometer, Italian generator set manufacturer Ausonia stepped in with a robust solution powered by a Perkins® 4016 Series engine.

Algeria’s state-owned oil company Sonatrach is among the largest oil consortiums in the world. Employing around 120,000 people and responsible for roughly 30 percent of Algeria’s gross national product (GNP), the company is a powerhouse in its domestic economy.

But Sonatrach’s influence stretches far beyond its own shores and borders. It operates more than 2,400 miles of crude oil pipelines in the country. The most important of these transport oil from the Hassi Messagoud field, Algeria’s largest, to terminals for export overseas.

With so many of its own citizens – as well as other European markets – depending on its energy, any downtime of its equipment and facilities is unthinkable. Therefore, having reliable power generation onsite is always among its principal concerns.   

Power in the extreme keeps oil flowing in Algeria with Ausonia

From sub-zero to sizzling

For one of Sonatrach’s latest construction projects, its power generation requirements were particularly challenging. The plant is located in an area of the country where winter temperatures plunge to -5°C, while summer heat climbs to extreme highs of 50°C. Under such hostile conditions, only the most durable and robust generator sets would make the grade.

Having already established a strong relationship with Italian generator set experts Ausonia over many years, Sonatrach requested its support in finding a solution.

With more than 90 years in the business, customers across all the major sectors, including defence, transport, telecommunications and construction, choose Ausonia as their energy partner and power expert. The company designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of generator set solutions from 5 kVA to 3000 kVA. From its 32,000 sqm site in Marsala, the company operates the newest technologies and employs more than 90 people.

Uninterrupted flow of power

For this project, the client requested a power solution to provide emergency back-up to the plant, including feeding the auxiliaries, safety equipment and fire and gas detection system, guaranteeing their continuous operation even in the event of a total grid blackout.

After analysing the customer’s requirements, Ausonia designed a solution whereby a single generator set, powered by a Perkins® 4016-61 TRG3 engine, would provide 2000 kVA of emergency power. The system was designed to work in parallel with the local power grid and offer the heavy-duty performance required in such extreme climatic conditions.

Key features on the generator set include an IP55 container that protects the machine from sand and dust. State-of-the-art technologies allow the unit to function safely and dependably across the full temperature range. It’s a proven reliable unit, as it has operated without downtime since the day of commissioning on site.

Prodigious power and performance from Perkins

The Perkins engine at the heart of the unit brings further benefits. Its massive 61 litre displacement allowed Ausonia to meet the client’s performance requirements with a single engine. The unit is economical to run, dependably durable and has excellent power-to-weight ratios and outstanding load acceptance. 

The generator set entered full operation in April 2016 and has been providing unbeatable emergency back-up ever since.

By partnering with Ausonia and Perkins, Sonatrach received assistance all the way from the initial engineering phase to the final commissioning on site, with dedicated support on hand for the entire lifecycle of the installation.

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