Perkins supports Yanload River Bay project

Perkins supports Yanload River Bay project

For its standby power, the Yanload River Bay real estate project in China selected a Perkins-powered generator set from one of the country’s biggest original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Simpson Power Equipment. The generator set and its Perkins engine have lived up to expectations

Perkins engines are widely used in generating sets that provide standby power on Chinese real estate projects. The brand enjoys a solid reputation for reliability as well as its global after-sales network, its expert technical support and the availability of genuine parts. 

A case in point is the Yanload River Bay real estate project, where Chengdu-based OEM Simpson Power Equipment has supplied a generator set powered by a Perkins® 4008-30TAG3 engine for standby power. The installation of the generator set was completed in September 2019.

Yanload River Bay real estate project
Yanload River Bay real estate project

The versatile 8 cylinder Perkins® 4008 range is a popular choice for OEMs. Featuring exceptional power-to-weight ratios, these engines deliver 844 to 1,250 kVA (555-1,000 kWe). Their compact design makes these engines simple to install and transport. They are supplied with or without radiator and air cleaner.

In late November, Perkins Asia sales director Tommy Quan joined a team from Perkins distributor Elco on a visit to the Yanload River Bay project as part of the Perkins ‘end-user care’ customer support. Welcoming their visitors, the project team used the occasion to express their satisfaction with the performance of their Perkins engine. 

Simpson Power is one of the biggest OEMs in China. Its generator sets have proven themselves in climates ranging from the extreme cold of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to the extreme heat of the desert.

The company, established in 2007 in China’s Sichuan province, designs and produces energy-saving and environmentally friendly power generation systems. It works closely with Perkins to deliver the right power solutions to its customers. Non-standard solutions are a speciality.


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