Perkins reliability underpins standby power units

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When a major bank in Sri Lanka needed new generators, it chose Hayleys Aventura to carry out the task. Hayleys met the requirement with two 775 kVA Tempest generators from Allam Marine, each powered by a Perkins® 4006-23TAG3A engine.

Hayleys is one of Sri Lanka’s largest commercial enterprises and a long-standing distributor for Perkins-powered generators from UK-based Allam Marine. When a major bank needed standby power for its offices, Hayleys had the resources to offer a total engineering solution.

It installed two 775 kVA Tempest generators from Allam Marine, each powered by a 4006-23TAG3A engine. A special feature of these generators is a remote radiator.

Allam Marine

The 6 cylinder 4006-23TAG engine is designed to supply versatile, reliable power in primary and standby installations. Exceptional power-to-weight ratios and compact designs make engines in this family simple to transport and install.

Before the units were shipped, the client and their project consultants conducted stringent factory acceptance testing at Allam Marine.

One of the biggest challenges with this project was restricted physical space at site. The compact 4006 engine, being suitable for remote cooling, made it the ideal choice for this demanding installation.

Allam Marine is one of the UK's largest independent manufacturers and suppliers of generator sets. It carries out all design, manufacturing and assembly work on its range of products at its plant in Hull, providing a bespoke product manufactured to the highest standards. Its Tempest brand is supplied in ready-to-run configurations built to the customer’s specification.

Allam Marine has incorporated Perkins engines into its range of generating sets for more than 30 years. A spokesman said: “We chose Perkins because of its global acceptability in the power generation industry and because the flexibility and reliability of the Perkins product is a solid platform for our product.

“We are a ‘supermarket’ for the industry, supplying many generator sets to OEMs worldwide. The Perkins product has enabled us to develop this business model.”


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