Perkins reinforces reliability at Norwegian data centres

An emergency power solution provided by Perkins is helping a leading technology firm in Norway, which counts some of the world’s leading institutions among its clients, to protect its customers, and its reputation.

Green Mountain is a business that designs, builds and operates award-winning, high-security co-location data centres in Norway. It rents out space within its facilities for organisations to store key servers and data systems, and then provides services such as cooling, dependable power and first-class security.

The company currently operates two data centres, with one of them built deep into the mountain at a former high-security NATO ammunition store. It’s innovative ideas like these, backed up with a dedication to protect customers’ data at all costs, that has helped the company grow and thrive.

Green Mountain serves high-performing clients across some of the world’s most prominent industries, including finance, technology, health and government. With such a high-profile customer base, it must do all it can to safeguard its customers’ critical systems and data – and its own reputation.

Absolutely key to this is ensuring the data centres’ power supplies never break down. That means putting in place a fully proven and robust source of standby power that can keep operations running should primary sources suffer an outage.

Perkins reinforces reliability at Norwegian data centres

Continuous power a necessity

Loss of power to Green Mountain’s data centres is simply unthinkable. All the services provided to customers would come to a halt, putting customers’ operations in jeopardy.

Against that backdrop, the company reached out to Perkins to find a suitable standby solution. One that, as well as meeting its important power needs, would allow Green Mountain to strengthen its status as a valued and trusted global data centre provider.

For Green Mountain’s first data centre, called DC1-Stavanger, Perkins installed two generator sets powered by 4016-61TRG3 engines. With their class-leading load acceptance giving end users rapid response following a mains outage, the Perkins 4016 61TRG3 was the perfect choice. At 2250 kVA, it is Perkins most powerful engine.

For the second of its data centres, the DC2-Telemark, Green Mountain chose to install two 4012-46TWG2s to provide standby power for the entire facility. It selected these engines because of their proven reliability in a range of similar applications. The 4012-46TWG2 engines have provided a cost-effective solution which meet the site and its clients’ requirements.

Hassle-free emergency support

By choosing a market leader in electric power generation, Green Mountain has been able to guarantee – without interruption or hassle – the continuous power its customers expect. The solution also allows the company to meet the strict uptime guarantee that all data centres are legally required to meet.

Since their installation in 2013 and 2014, the generator sets have provided standby support for 30-50 hours a year. While they run for a relatively short time, it’s the quality and peace of mind they provide that allows the company to continue to sell its services with such supreme confidence.

“Perkins generator sets have, through the years, proved to be very reliable and have a 100% track record for delivering emergency power to Green Mountain data centres. They never fail us. ”
Truls Dishington, Chief Operating Officer, Green Mountain AS