Perkins keeps data flowing

Perkins engines provide mission-critical standby power for a Norwegian company, Green Mountain, which designs, builds and operates high-end data centres for some of the highest value industries in the world. Green Mountain selected Perkins engines for their proven record of robust and reliable operation.

Green Mountain AS is a Norwegian company specialising in high-end data centre services to customers around the world. Its business is designing, building and operating high-security, robust wholesale co-location data centres.

The fact that one of Green Mountain’s data centres is built deep inside a mountain in a former high-security NATO ammunition store reinforces the level of security, innovation and sophistication that it can offer its customers.

Green Mountain draws its clients from some of the highest value industries in the world, including finance, technology and health. It even serves government bodies.

Green Mountain’s reputation and success is based on its robust and reliable service. If its data centres lost power, all IT services delivered by its customers would stop. “It would have a catastrophic effect on our customers,” said a Green Mountain spokesman.


Perkins steps up

For this reason, the company demands the same robust and reliable service from its standby power installations.

With so much at stake, Green Mountain turned to Perkins – a market leader in electric power generation – for its back-up power needs. Working with Perkins gives assurance to Green Mountain that it can continue providing a world-class service for its international customer base and maintain its reputation as a global data centre provider.

Installed power

For Green Mountain’s DC1-Stavanger data centre’s standby power needs, Perkins installed two 4016-61TRG3 engines. At 2250 kVa, this is the most powerful Perkins engine. Its selection by Green Mountain underlines the importance of the company’s investment in remaining a market leader in the data centre industry.

For the DC2-Telemark, Green Mountain chose to install two 4012-46TWG2 engines to provide standby power for the entire facility. The 4012-46TWG2 engine is a cost-effective solution which meets the requirements of the site and the client.

100 percent track record

“Through the years, Perkins Powered generator sets have proved to be very reliable. They have a 100% track record for delivery of emergency power to Green Mountain data centres; they never fail us.”

Truls Dishington Chief Operating Officer Green Mountain AS

A Perkins spokesman said: “At Perkins, we greatly value our relationship with Green Mountain AS and look forward to supporting them in growing their customer base by providing a reliable and high-quality source of standby power.”

Fast facts

The Perkins® 4016TRG3 and 4012-46TWG2 provides standby power to two Green Mountain Data Centre facilities in Rjukan and Stavanger, Norway.

End user: Green Mountain Data Centre

Location: Norway

Engine Specification:
2 x Perkins® 4016-61TRG3
2 x Perkins® 4012-46TWG2

Application: Standby (from the daily operational point of view)

Date of Installation April 2013-2014

Average running hours: 30-50 per year

Average running hours: 30-50 per year