Perkins and Marapco provide wealth of benefits to Lebanon’s First National Bank

An installation of Marapco generators, powered by Perkins® 4006-23TAG3A engines, is providing critical prime power for a Lebanese bank’s dazzling new headquarters and data centre. By filling the void left by an unpredictable local grid, these units are helping keep customers’ money safe and transactions flowing.

First National Bank (FNB) is a leading name in Lebanese finance. Founded in 1994, the company has developed a nationwide network of 28 branches offering a broad range of personal and business banking services.

In 2016, as part of a move to reflect its growing stature, the organisation began an ambitious project to build a brand-new, world-class headquarters for its operations in Beirut’s Central Business District. 

Perkins and Marapco provide wealth of benefits to Lebanon’s First National Bank

World of finance never stops – neither can its power

At the epicentre of the new HQ is an energy-hungry data centre, which stores and protects customer data, safeguards transactions and seamlessly manages the critical data that keeps customers’ worlds turning.

While dependable power is all-important for FNB, it’s not as simple as plugging into the local power grid. Beirut, like much of Lebanon, continues to be plagued by daily outages, so the bank was keen to find a dependable alternative source of electricity supply.

The bank’s construction contractor, AR Hourie Enterprises, approached local generator manufacturer and supplier Jubaili Bros for support in finding a solution. As part of its requirements, the installation would need to power all of the business’ electrical functions, including its data centre, accumulating up to 2,000 running hours a year.

Jubaili Bros applied all its knowledge and experience to the opportunity to deliver a complete power plant solution for the customer.

At the heart of the installation are three Marapco generator sets, powered by Perkins® 4006-23TAG3A engines. These are fitted with synchronisation panels and exhaust pipes, which run the full height of the building. To ensure the installation met all the key requirements, electro-mechanical consultant, WTA & Associates, also played a key role in contributing to the generators’ design.

Jubaili Bros’ solution included wall and ceiling insulation in the generator room to meet the client’s noise restrictions, forced ventilation, a fuel system with daily and bulk fuel tanks, and a controlled fuel transfer station.

The supplier also provided unique fire-protection. This saw the generator room separated into two sections – one housing two generator units and the other a single unit. So, in the unlikely event of a fire in one section, the other will continue to supply power for the bank’s essential loads.

Marapco generators, which are manufactured in the UK, are highly regarded for their rugged construction, superior performance and exceptionally low maintenance costs. Backed up by more than 20 years of experience, its generators are appreciated by customers across the globe.

Perkins powerhouses bring peace of mind

With quality, power and dependability all high on the customers’ list of priorities, the Perkins 4006-23TAG3A engines installed in the generators comprehensively fit the bill. These 6 cylinder, 23 litre powerhouses each deliver up to 800 kVA of dependable prime power.

Perkins® 4000 Series engines have a long history of delivering proven prime power in all key sectors. Their compact design allow for cost savings to be made during installation, while their impressive power density gives customers a lifetime of lower operating costs.

The units have now been successfully installed and testing and commissioning are under way. With Perkins at the heart of this critical power solution, First National Bank – and its customers’ lives and businesses – can move forward without disruption.