Perkins and Coelmo keep metro travellers on track in Qatar

A standby power solution, provided by Perkins and Coelmo, is helping a new metro station in Qatar keep its operations moving – so it never has to put the brakes on customers’ journeys.

In Qatar’s capital, Doha, a new state-of-the art metro system is being built to make it easier and more affordable to get around. In the coming years, using it will become part of daily life for millions of residents, commuters and tourists. 

The system, which consists of three different lines, will connect around 40 destinations, including universities, business centres, residential areas and major landmarks. As the network looks to forge a strong reputation for safety and reliability, having a reliable power supply has always been a top priority.

During development of one of the metro’s new stations, the contractor was tasked with sourcing a standby solution that would meet all the station’s electricity needs in the event of the main power source veering off track. In practice, that meant delivering immediate and reliable power to platform information screens, signaling systems, ventilation and telecommunications equipment.

Perkins and Coelmo keep metro travellers on track in Qatar

Excellence and economy

The company turned to Italian generator experts Coelmo for assistance, a company with a proven record for delivering excellent, cost-effective installations for electric power customers across the globe.

Founded in 1946, Coelmo applies decades of experience, combined with cutting-edge design and manufacturing capabilities, to develop dependable power products across all the major EP sectors.

Working closely with the client, Coelmo designed, supplied and commissioned four generator sets. Two of these are powered by Perkins® 4012-46TAG3A engines and produce 1850 kVA of standby power. One unit is housed inside a container to reduce noise levels to a modest 85 dB, while the other, located away from passengers’ ears, is an open version.

A third unit, powered by a Perkins® 4012-46TAG2A engine, produces 1200 kVA and is also housed in a sound-reducing canopy. The final generator in the installation is powered by a 2206A-E13TAG2 and delivers 250 kVA. The units are fitted with automatic control panels to ensure they instantly and seamlessly leap into action whenever required.

Maximum power, minimum noise

Perkins engines proved the ideal choice for the project. Not only for their proven power and performance, but because their refined design supported Coelmo’s efforts to deliver a solution that met strict regulations on noise.

With 12 cylinders and 46 litre displacement, the 4012-46TAG3A and 4012-46TAG2A pack the performance punch required by the client, deliver outstanding load acceptance and proven reliability. The 2206A-E13TAG2 also offers superior performance and steadfast service.

Installed between June and September 2018, the generator sets will be called into action for up to 500 hours a year.

Thanks to the successful partnership between Perkins and Coelmo, Qatar metro’s passengers can enjoy safe and hassle-free transport. Should the main source of power fail, Perkins-powered generators keep the station functioning. And that means passengers can continue their important journeys without delay.

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