Operations on Iraqi oil field never falter thanks to Coelmo and Perkins

Perkins engines, installed in three dependable Coelmo generator sets, are keeping an oil business’ operations in Iraq running without interruption, so they don’t lose valuable time or money whenever the main source of power shuts down.

For businesses operating in the world’s more remote oil fields, electric power generation is an essential tool. Without access to a dependable source of power, shutdowns can occur, equipment can malfunction, and profits inevitably tumble.

One leading oil business operating in Iraq recently needed to mitigate these very risks. It required dependable standby power for its plant in Halfaya, in the east of the country, so all of its critical tasks – including drilling, pumping and delivery of the final product – could continue in the event of a power failure.

With any outage potentially costing the company considerable time and money, it was imperative it could source heavy-duty, ultra-reliable generator sets of the highest quality. 

Operations on Iraqi oil field never falter thanks to Coelmo and Perkins

Coelmo combines quality and economy

The company sought guidance from Italian generator experts Coelmo, a decision taken based on its reputation for delivering excellent quality installations.

With a proud history stretching back to 1946, Coelmo uses its advanced design and manufacturing capabilities to develop precision power products for customers across sectors including industrial, residential, oil and gas, construction, telecoms and more.

Working closely with the client, Coelmo designed, supplied and commissioned three Coelmo branded generator sets. One, equipped with a Perkins® 4016-61TRG2 engine, produces 1200 kVA. Another, fitted with a Perkins 4006-23TAG2A produces 500 kVA. And a final unit, powered by a Perkins 2206A-E13TAG2 produces 250 kVA.

Exceptional performance and reliability

The Perkins engines installed into the units are fundamental in helping Coelmo meet its clients’ requirements for performance, reliability and value. The 61 litre 16 cylinder 4016-61TRG2 is economical and durable, with excellent power-to-weight ratios and outstanding load acceptance. The 23 litre 6 cylinder 4006-23TAG2A also offers exceptional power-to-weight ratios, combined with compact design that makes it effortless to install. The 13 litre 6 cylinder 2206A-E13TAG2, meanwhile, provides exceptional performance and economy.

The installation was designed with parallel control panels and reverse synchronisation, which allows for multiple units to be operated at once and synchronisation to occur automatically. This means the generators can work in unison, when needed, to meet higher electrical loads.

The installation has been operational since October 2018 and is expected to run for up to 500 hours a year. Already, it’s supplying critical support instantaneously, lifting the worry of lost power from the customers’ shoulders so they can focus on running a productive, reliable and successful plant.

Reporting live from Middle East Electricity 2019

As a leading global supplier of electric power engines, Middle East Electricity 2019 is an opportunity to showcase our latest products and services – and meet the generator set manufacturers and operators who use our engines every day. This year our power dense range of diesel engines including the 1206, 1706 and 2806 will feature prominently on the MEE stand alongside an interactive display of Perkins EU Stage V range of electric power engines for mobile generators.

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