On standby to keep urgent research on track

At an influential research facility in France, knowledge really is power. The company uses two Coelmo generator sets driven by powerful Perkins® 4012-46TAG2A engines to provide efficient and easy-to-maintain back-up in case the grid goes down.

A prominent research centre in France now has the ability to make uninterrupted progress towards its goals, thanks to a standby solution powered by the Perkins® 4000 Series engine.

It’s important to the ongoing success of the business that it makes regular breakthroughs in its research; having progress paused by an unexpected power outage is never acceptable.

The centre also has an array of advanced technologies on site that help it carry out its research and investigation in a structured and progressive way. These important applications require a continuous power supply to keep the company’s operations moving forward.

On standby to keep urgent research on track

With a clear need for sufficient back-up power to keep the centre fully operational in the event of a grid failure, the company approached Italian generator set manufacturer Coelmo to unlock a solution.

Coelmo, which was founded in 1946, had all the design and manufacturing expertise that the centre was looking for. It also has a strong track record developing dedicated products for a broad range of sectors including industry, construction, oil and gas, and telecommunications.

Ease of installation, proven power

After collaborating closely with the customer, Coelmo’s team designed and supplied two generator sets, fitted inside a 40-foot container for ease of installation and powered by 4012-46TAG2A Perkins engines.

Each 4012-46TAG2A engine produces 1500 kVA of standby power in the event of a failure in the main electrical supply. The engine is engineered to deliver optimum efficiency in all conditions and reliably delivers the standby support the research centre’s operations depend on.

Among the customer’s other requirements were cost-effectiveness and ease of maintenance. Coelmo’s solution, powered by Perkins, delivers the highest standards for both.

“Exceptional power-to-weight ratios reduce running costs for the user. Perkins experienced global network of distributors and dealers, alongside fully trained engine experts, deliver unmatched service support.” “Perkins was given preference over its competitors due to its engine’s better performance parameters, cost of ownership, proven reliability and competitive price point.” ” Noemi Vitulano, Marketing Manager for Coelmo

Rapid response when it matters

Since their installation in July 2015, the generator sets have been used for around 300 hours per year. Each set is equipped with a 1600 kVA transformer, zero time parallel control panel and a main/generating set exchange with reverse synchronisation to ensure it responds at the optimum speed should the grid supply go down.

“For the smooth functioning of the applications run in the research centre, it was critical to have a standby that was proven to be reliable and would operate efficiently,” added Mr. Vitulano. “The Coelmo and Perkins solution meets all requirements and provides them with reliable back-up power during any power failure. Our customer is very satisfied with our solution.”