Lighting up lives in Lagos

Marapco generator sets, powered by Perkins, are helping residents at a prestigious Lagos development to stay connected to the power they need even if the grid goes down.

Lekki, in Lagos, has become one of the Nigerian state’s fastest growing districts.

Located to the east of Lagos city, it’s a booming and bustling area where new and luxurious residential developments are springing up all the time.

Admiralty Heights, built by Five Cowrie Creek Condominiums Limited, is one of the district’s most desirable addresses. It’s home to affluent families and young professionals due to its exceptional quality and proximity to the city’s commercial hub.

The desirable waterfront homes are connected to the national power grid. However, despite the Nigerian government making huge investments in energy infrastructure, the electricity supply remains under stress and is unreliable.

For quality construction companies such as Five Cowrie Creek, providing reliable back-up power is a necessity. If the grid goes down, residents simply cannot fail to notice.

The company’s search for the best standby solution saw it connect with regional generator supplier Jubaili Bros. With an outstanding reputation for building and supplying only the best global gensets, the company was the ideal choice.

Lighting up lives in Lagos

Meeting high-end expectations

Understanding the client’s need for a top-end power solution that would match the high-end values of the development, Jubaili Bros. proposed two Marapco MP350 generator sets, powered by Perkins® 2206A-E13TAG2 engines.

The Marapco generator sets, designed and assembled in the UK and backed by more than 20 years of experience of the company as a diesel generator supplier, provide the dependable standby power residents need.

The 2206A-E13TAG2 engines that power them, like the rest of Perkins® 2000 Series engines, are at the core of this reliability. Built from a proven heavy-duty industrial base, they give superior performance and steadfast service. The power-to-weight ratio of the engines results in exceptional fuel economy, while at the same time delivering the 350-500 kVA standby power needed whenever the grid fails to deliver.

According to CEO Oluremi Ajose-Adeogun, it was a straightforward decision to choose a power solution delivered by Marapco and Perkins.


“While many Nigerians do still live without access to a regular electricity supply, in a desirable residence such as ours, power outages simply aren’t an option. Our residents rightly expect to be able to use the power supply for heat, light and everyday life 24/7. ”

Ajose-Adeogun, CEO Oluremi

Superior reliability and super-fast service

“For those reasons, our main focus was on sourcing generator sets with proven reliability as well as fast, excellent customer service, so any downtime with the generator sets would be minimised,” added Mr. Ajose-Adeogun.

“Marapco generators have a strong reputation throughout Nigeria for their quality, performance and reliability. Meanwhile, having a Perkins engine installed meant we could access the company’s excellent aftersales service and availability of genuine spare parts. Should we ever have a problem, the units would be back up and running in the minimum time.

“With so many benefits, there was a compelling business case to choose the Marapco solution provided by Jubaili Bros.” Installed in November 2016, the generator sets now supply back-up energy for at least eight hours per day, reliably meeting the needs of all the development’s residents.

“Every day of the year, our generators reliably ensure that residents can keep the lights on and access the power they need, and we’re delighted with the decision we made,” concluded Mr. Ajose-Adeogun. “Both the reliability of the units and the sound-proofed power house in which they’re installed have been a delight to the residents of Admiralty Heights.” .