Keeping water treatment flowing in Moscow

An installation by Turkish generator set supplier Emsa is helping a Russian water treatment plant maintain its vital processes, even when the city’s mains supply runs dry.

Russia’s capital and most populated city, Moscow, is continually developing and refining its infrastructure to meet the needs of more than 12 million people who live there.

This path of ongoing progression can be seen as clearly as anywhere in the city’s municipal water treatment facilities.

Treating water, so it’s safe and clean for customers, requires a number of important processes. From the initial pumping and storage of water, to the removal of contaminants, other filtering and purification, it’s a power-hungry business. What’s more, because water is such a vital commodity, it’s essential that a treatment plant’s processes can run uninterrupted.

It was this need for continuous power that led one of the city’s key treatment plants to search for a reliable standby solution that would protect its operations at all times.

Russian water treatment plant

Reliable and responsive solution

The company reached out to trusted and established generator set supplier, Emsa, for support. Above all, the company was looking for reliability and responsiveness from a standby solution. It needed to have total confidence that should the grid go down, a dependable back-up power source was immediately available to keep its key technologies functioning.

Emsa is one of the biggest generator manufacturing companies in Turkey. In 1977, it became the first company in the country to produce commercial alternators to meet the growing demand for a reliable uninterrupted power source, becoming the country’s largest producer of alternators.

Following an extended period of research, development and engineering, Emsa began producing generator sets and is now recognised as one of the industry leaders in its specialised field.

With uncompromising quality control standards, which include the CE, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 18001:2004, ISO14001:2004, GOST standards, Emsa produces diesel generators ranging from 10 to 2,500 kVA. With a manufacturing facility measuring 30,000 square metres, the company has the capacity to build up to 20 generator sets per day.

For this particular job, Emsa opted to power its generator set solution with the Perkins® 4012-46TAG2A. The engine is part of the Perkins® 4000 Series, renowned for its durability and consistent performance in the harshest conditions. The 4000 Series has proved itself to be a constant, reliable power source for generator sets all over the world.


A real performance punch

The 4012-46TAG2A packs a real performance punch, with 12 cylinders and 46 litre displacement providing up to 1,880 kVA. With exceptional power-to-weight ratios and compact design, the engines offer reduced running costs and are easy to transport and install.

The generator set solution provides the water treatment company with the dependable back-up required to meet the needs of its customers. Installed since April 2017, the unit is called into action for around 200 hours per year, reliably ensuring that when the grid supply runs dry, Perkins power keeps the treatment plant functioning and its customers’ water clean.

“Perkins was the right choice for this application because of its excellent aftersales service support. Our client can rely on Perkins engine expertise and technical experts to handle any issue quickly and ensure the site’s standby power source operates reliably and consistently for our customer.”
S. Gokhan Guner, Emsa Deputy Export Director