Healing the power supply at Algerian hospital with Arken

One of Algeria’s largest hospitals now has a healthy supply of emergency power, thanks to a high-quality solution provided by Arken and Perkins.

Hospitals, wherever they are in the world, require a constant supply of power to protect the lives and welfare of their patients.

If power from the grid is lost, back-up must arrive instantaneously, so operating theatres, intensive care systems, IT, communications and lighting can all continue to function.

When one of Algeria’s largest hospitals was under construction, its contractors understood the importance of installing dependable emergency power. It placed prominent Turkish power solutions supplier Arken at the heart of designing a solution.

Healing the power supply at Algerian hospital with Arken

Back-up power in full flow

The hospital’s requirements comprised a standby solution that could operate in parallel with the local mains supply. It would need adequate power output to cover all of the hospital’s electrical loads during a power failure.

Arken Generator was founded in 2012. From its 14,000 sqm production facility in Istanbul it has capacity to produce 5,000 generators, ranging from 10 to 2500 kVA, a year. Its young and dynamic team prioritises innovation, customer satisfaction and delivering bespoke power solutions for customers in more than 60 countries.

Arken’s solution for this job consisted of four generator sets, powered by Perkins® 4008TAG2A engines, and each delivering 1100 kVA of standby power. Working with the health sector required Arken to meet several compliance standards. The installation, therefore, was designed according to ISO 9001, CE and international standards, and meets the requirements of ISO 8528.

Quietness combined with quality

Arken also fitted out the generator canopies with sophisticated sound insulation, to meet the hospital’s environmental standards.

The selected Perkins engines are highly regarded and highly proven in the electric power sector across a broad range of industries, including manufacturing facilities, hospitals and data centres. The engines provide the absolute reliability the hospital demands. They start automatically and run at full capacity in a matter of seconds.

Arken selected Perkins for the installation based on its technical knowhow, spare parts availability and proven reliability of the brand. In operation since November 2018, the hospital’s Perkins-powered generators ensure the health and safety of Algerian people, every single day.