Grupel switches on 30 MW of flexible power in Africa

Portuguese company Grupel is making life easier in thousands of homes and businesses across Africa by installing pioneering new power plants that bring extra electrical capacity and reliability.

With Africa’s economy on a positive trajectory, national governments across the continent are increasingly investing in underdeveloped utilities and services such as electric power.

One challenge is finding innovative ways to produce the additional power required by some of the continent’s more isolated communities. One solution is fast-track diesel-fuelled power plants.

These modestly-sized power stations, which comprise dependable diesel-powered engines, alongside cutting-edge alternator and transformer technology, provide a new source of energy production for previously under-served communities.

As well as offering direct power generation, the units can also be synchronized with the local power grid to boost reliability on the network and support peak shaving. This is the process of reducing electrical power consumption during periods of peak demand.

Grupel switches on 30 MW of flexible power in Africa

Generating a brighter future

Portuguese power solution experts Grupel have been supporting this push for improved energy capacity and reliability. In total, it has designed, built and installed 12 new diesel power plants for national government projects across the African continent.

Each plant, enclosed in a 20 foot soundproof container, comprises two generators equipped with Perkins® 4008-30TAG3 engines, a 400V 50 Hz alternator and a 30 kV step-up transformer to raise the voltage to 30 kV and allow power to be directly injected into the mains.

Grupel was trusted with this critically important work because of a proven 40-year pedigree building and maintaining energy production equipment. The company is currently the largest generator set manufacturer in Portugal. It grew by 40 percent in 2017 and now operates in more than 60 countries around the globe.

Powered by Perkins® 4000 Series

The 4008-30TAG3 engines installed in these fast-track power plants produce a total of 30 MW of extra power for communities across Africa.

Part of the Perkins® 4000 Series, these engines offer the tough, durable and consistent performance required in the challenging conditions where many are located. The 30 litre, 8 cylinder air-to-air turbocharged 4008-30TAG3 has proved itself to be a constant, reliable power source for prime applications all over the world.

Following their installation between August 2017 and March 2018, the power plants will run for approximately 6,000 hours per year. The installations also benefit from the 4008-30TAG3’s digitally-governed unit fuel injectors, which ensure ultra-fine fuel atomisation and, in turn, greater fuel efficiency.

“Key factors for selecting Perkins for this important installation was its reputation for building proven engines to deliver prime power, competitive pricing and excellent delivery time.”
Pedro Sendao, Grupel’s Africa Sales manager