Emergency power in full flight at Ashgabat International Airport thanks to Teksan

Turkish power system experts Teksan helped Turkmenistan’s flagship international airport establish a huge installation of back-up generation to keep cargo and passengers moving 24/7. With Perkins engines powering 36 onsite generators, the airport has its passport to continuous power.

Ashgabat International Airport, in Turkmenistan, is a dramatic piece of modern architecture. The $2.3bn terminal, which opened in 2016, is built in the shape of a flying falcon, one of the country’s national symbols.

Its spectacular design has the facilities to match. Covering a site of 350,000 sqm, some 266 buildings include a VIP terminal, air traffic control tower, covered passenger car parks, cargo terminal and warehouses. Every aspect of the airport’s infrastructure depends on a reliable source of power to operate effectively.

While Ashgabat, the country’s capital, recently carried out significant work to modernise its power grid, the airport was still keen to install sufficient standby generation. In the event of a power failure, it was essential its passengers and cargo could continue to take-off, land and leave without a hitch. 

Emergency power in full flight at Ashgabat International Airport thanks to Teksan

Putting its faith in Teksan

Due to the scale and complexity of the new airport, its back-up system would need to deliver huge volumes of power and provide guaranteed quality and reliability. The airport’s contractor reached out to one of the region’s most trusted power suppliers, Teksan, for support.

Established in 1994, and now boasting more than 700 employees, Teksan is trusted by customers in more than 130 countries to supply and install complete power solutions. The company has worked on major international projects across construction, telecommunications, data centres, shopping centres, mining facilities, hospitals and more. With headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey, the company has the onsite capacity to build 15,000 generator sets a year.

After carefully studying the client’s requirements, Teksan presented a large-scale solution consisting of 36 Perkins-powered generator sets, with power outputs ranging from 9 to 3500 kVA. The generators provide automatic standby power whenever the mains fails, with some units synchronised to ensure sufficient volumes of power are available whenever they’re needed.

The Perkins engines that power the installation include the 6, 8 and 12 cylinder variants of the Perkins® 4000 Series, along with 1100, 2200 and 2500 Series engines.

Choose Perkins, choose peace of mind

Teksan selected Perkins engines for the installation, because of their reputation for quality and reliability, as well as their proven performance during synchronisation. The company’s fast and effective product support was also a key factor in Teksan’s decision.

Alongside the large volume of generator sets, Teksan provided and installed a comprehensive range of auxiliary equipment for the project. This included output switches, synchronisation panels, exhaust silencers, fuel tanks at different capacities, an automatic fuel filling system, and remote monitoring system.

Thanks to a thorough planning process combined with sophisticated performance testing – including simulating the expected air flow in the generator rooms – power continuity across the site has been assured.

“We are proud that, through our collaboration with Perkins, we have been able to meet the requirements of such an important project,” said a representative from Teksan.