Perkins® 4006 Electronic: powering success for customers in India

Perkins has underlined its ongoing commitment to power generation customers across India with an exclusive new platform designed to deliver on emissions, performance and dependability in the subcontinent’s most extreme environments. Meet the 4006 Electronic… 

One of the central reasons why Perkins leads the way in diesel engine development is because it listens to – and understands – its customers.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the launch of brand-new platform the 4006 Electronic (4006E), an engine exclusively designed to meet the unique needs of power generation customers in India.

Investment in this innovative engine platform came as a direct result of customer feedback and intensive market research. This revealed a significant demand among Indian consumers for an engine capable of delivering consistent, reliable and cost-effective performance in the subcontinent’s toughest environments, where altitudes and temperatures both soar. 

Perkins® 4006 Electronic: powering success for customers in India

Built for India, made in India

Perkins world-class engineers leapt to the challenge and the cutting-edge Perkins® 4006E was born. The engine is the first electronically controlled model in the powerful and popular 4000 Series. It’s an engine built and engineered for the Indian market at Perkins state-of-the-art facility in Aurangabad.

The 6 cylinder, 23 litre, diesel engine delivers 750 kVA of dependable prime electric power. While it’s built on the proven core of the 4000 Series, Perkins has made substantial improvements to many of the engine’s features.

Key among these is the engine’s electronic control system, which marks a significant step forward for Indian customers. It brings a boost in power and performance and delivers better fuel economy, reduced emissions and optimised performance. In fact, customers will use up to seven percent less fuel as a result of the engine’s electronically controlled unit fuel injectors.

“The engine’s electronic fuel system means it achieves greater power density than our competitors’ offerings, giving customers a competitive advantage,” said Pankaj Jha, Perkins general sales manager for South Asia.

“It also has superior first load capability, a valuable feature in sectors such as manufacturing, mining and hospitals. Another significant improvement is the engine’s derate capability and, of course, it meets CPCBII emissions standards.”

The engine’s precision injection allows the 4006E to operate dependably, whatever the conditions. It will consistently deliver its full power output under extreme conditions of up to 50°C and 300 metres above sea level with no de-rating.

Upgraded components across the engine also add up to simplified service requirements, which save customers crucial time and money.

Huge interest at launch events

With such a strong focus on customers, it was no surprise that the atmosphere was electric when Perkins unveiled the engine at packed launch events hosted jointly with its generator set OEM partners Sterling Generators, Captiva Energy Solutions and Supernova Engineers Limited in three of India’s most influential cities, Mumbai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad.

High-performing prime power solution

Taken together, the mechanical improvements and electronic control make the 4006 Electronic an extremely efficient and power dense package.

The engine delivers equivalent performance in a 6 cylinder, 23 litre configuration to competitors’ 12 cylinder, 38 litre engines, which gives users a number of significant advantages. These include reduced packaging costs and the ability to be integrated into smaller canopies.

“Low cost of ownership, world-class load acceptance, ambient de-rating capabilities and the highest power density available at 750 kVA make the 4006E an ideal choice for Indian power generation customers,” said Pankaj.

Perkins Asia sales director Tommy Quan added: “The 4006E is a significant addition to the globally known Perkins® 4000 Series range. Designed for the growing infrastructure industry in India, it builds on Perkins commitment to India by offering market leading performance and reduces cost of ownership at the same time.”