Weremczuk grows fruitful relationship with Perkins

Polish harvester manufacturer Weremczuk is squeezing more efficiency and more performance from its latest berry harvester after combining forces with Perkins distributor BU Power Systems Polska.

Berry production has provided a bright spot for fruit farmers over the past few years. But while many producers have reported tremendous growth, they know they can’t afford to stand still. Only by finding more efficient ways to grow and harvest their crops can they maintain or improve those all-important profit margins.

One business that understands the challenges and opportunities in the berry market is Polish company, Weremczuk. It has been developing and building equipment for fruit and vegetable farmers for nearly four decades.

The company’s latest machine – the Victor Premium – is an innovative, self-propelled harvester. While harvesting soft fruit mechanically has always been a challenge, this machine makes the professional harvesting of berries – including black and redcurrant, aronia and gooseberries – more efficient, precise and profitable.

Weremczuk berry harvester

Weremczuk collaborated with local Perkins distributor BU Power Systems Polska to develop the machine. It’s a relationship that has been growing since 2014, with Perkins engines now featuring across its full range of farm technology.

Cleverly optimised fuel consumption

BU Power Systems Polska provided valuable engine consultancy during development of the Victor Premium, which resulted in the Perkins® 1204F-E44TA engine being integrated into the machine.

The 4 cylinder engine delivers 74.5 kW (100 hp) of power and has fuel consumption optimised to the machine’s unique operating cycles, meaning Weremczuk can continue to build its success worldwide.

Weremczuk’s technical team also worked closely with BU Power Systems Polska to design a bespoke engine control system, which features an electric injection loom. The system optimises the engine’s work relative to the load and operator requirements. So power is delivered more efficiently and operating costs are reduced.

Operators enjoy a comfortable day’s work, thanks to a panoramic, air-conditioned and sound-proofed cabin. With all the key controls located on an armrest, close to the driver’s seat, managing the speed, direction and functions of the machine is intuitive and easy.

The Victor Premium is packed with the latest technology to ensure it can operate for long periods without a pause. Meaning berry businesses maximise production – and avoid potentially costly downtime.  

Getting to know Weremczuk

From its headquarters in Niedrzwica Duża, Poland, Weremczuk manufactures specialist machines to meet the growing and harvesting needs of customers worldwide. 

“Everything we do, we do in the best way we can,” said Robert Weremczuk – Weremczuk FMR president. “We constantly lead the market and offer customers technology based on the latest science and solutions. That’s why we’ve gained the trust of thousands of customers all over the world.”     

As a leader in its field, Weremczuk only collaborates with proven, successful and dependable affiliates. Which is why you’ll find Perkins under the hood.

“The comprehensive solutions offered by Perkins allow Weremczuk to reduce installation time – meaning products get to market faster,” said Jozef Weremczuk – main constructor. “Perkins has become a solid associate of our business. Their service, expert advice and fast reaction to our requirements ensures we work together at a very high level.”

“The comprehensive solutions offered by Perkins allow Weremczuk to reduce installation time – meaning products get to market faster.”

Jozef Weremczuk – main constructor