ArmaTrac’s journey continues in Japan

Ambitious Japanese farmers now have a powerful new alternative in the tractor market as ArmaTrac expands its thriving brand into the Land of the Rising Sun.

Japan’s agriculture sector is going through a period of modernisation and transformation as a new breed of younger, business-savvy farmers emerges. With a desire to get the very best from their land, they’re looking further afield to find productive and powerful farm machinery that offers a competitive advantage.

Turkish manufacturer Erkunt is seizing this growing opportunity by launching its robust range of ArmaTrac tractors, powered by dependable and fuel-efficient Perkins engines, into the Japanese market.

Erkunt has linked up with dealer Nakazawa-Kikaiten Co. Ltd. to bring its tractors closer to Japanese customers. The dealer had, for some time, been looking to introduce more European-built tractors into its offer, and ArmaTrac came out on top during a review of leading brands.

A spokesman for the dealer said: “ArmaTrac caught our attention as a rapidly-growing brand, particularly in Europe and other parts of the world. After a little research, we saw that with its low fuel consumption, powerful Perkins engines, ZF gearbox and high performance, ArmaTrac has everything that farmers could want and need.”

ArmaTrac’s journey continues in Japan

Brand-building mission

While the ArmaTrac brand isn’t yet widely recognised in the country, the dealer has big plans to transform it into a household name.

“We’ve been showing the tractors at fairs and field demonstrations, and farmers are already curious about ArmaTrac,” said the spokesman. “They’re telling us they like its technical capabilities and appearance.

“Our goal now is to continue to promote the brand and ensure that ArmaTrac grows in Japan as much as it has in Europe and to introduce the power of Turkish-designed machines powered by proven Perkins engines to Japanese farmers. We want everyone in the country to be familiar with the ArmaTrac brand within five years.”

With high-performance Perkins engines onboard, which deliver the low cost of operation and ownership that customers are looking for, ArmaTrac tractors have all the credentials to be a huge hit in Japan.

Shared standards of excellence

Perkins has been working closely with Erkunt for the past 15 years, since the company first started building tractors back in 2003. With the two businesses sharing a passion for excellence, combined with stringent building and testing processes, the relationship continues to be a shrewd and natural fit.

Perkins provides engines for tractors across the ArmaTrac range, from the compact 50 hp 504E to the powerful 110 hp 1104 Lux Cabin. We’re proud to power ArmaTrac’s machines and to stand alongside an innovation-focused business that is among the top 100 companies in Turkey investing in research and development.

ArmaTrac is highly regarded by customers across the globe for its excellent fuel efficiency, high performance and durability. With Japan its latest landing point, farmers can now find ArmaTrac in 30 countries worldwide – and it’s a number that’s set to keep on growing.

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