3 Cylinder

The Perkins® 1103 range is the 3 cylinder option in our 1100 Series family. The engines provide cost effective power solutions and are particularly popular with operators of tractors. The engines meet EU Stage II/Stage IIIA and U.S. EPA Tier 2/Tier 3 equivalent emissions standards and offer the compact size and flexibility that makes upgrading your engine easy.

With the 3 cylinder, 3.3 litre Perkins 1103 range, you get exceptional reliability with a low cost of ownership.

The 1103D engines – which deliver 36.9-58 kW (49.5-77.8 hp) at 2200 rpm – are particularly suitable for tractors and compact industrial applications, and have all the features and benefits to meet your needs.

Compact package

Our compact 1103 engines have a cylinder head and block design that gives mastery of air control, maintains bore roundness under pressure, and reduces combustion and mechanical noise. High quality oil and fuel filtration deliver improved reliability and durability.

Common hook-up points across the 1100 Series enable an easier upgrade to higher emissions Stages/Tiers and larger 4 and 6 cylinder engines.


Perkins® 1103 diesel engine giving the power you need in lesser regulated territories

Perkins 1103 diesel engine

“The trusted performance of the 1100 Series is borne out of millions of hours of validation in the real world, working with agricultural, construction and electric power providers who value the reputation and expertise of an engine that is focused on delivering the right technology solutions to meet your requirements.”
James Gardiner, new product introduction manager

Ease of maintenance

The engines have mechanical fuel injection for ease of maintenance with 500 hour service intervals. And single side service components, for ease of end user servicing.

With our network of distributors, you will find all the advice you need to ensure you get the right engine. Our fully trained experts deliver total service support 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Agricultural focus

With a maximum torque at 1400 rpm and an excellent back-up, the 1103 is an ideal choice for agricultural tractors. The compact dimensions of the 3 cylinder engine with stressed block options, meet the requirements for agricultural and compact industrial applications. 

Electric power

Our compact 3 cylinder, 3.3 litre 1103 EP range offers exceptional reliability with low cost of ownership.

Engines in the range have been designed following intensive customer research. The range features exceptional performance criteria in fuel economy for prime power applications and high load acceptance for standby installations. Engines in the range give 28-68 kWm engine power with 30-59 kVA generator output.

This is backed up by the capability of the 1103 to perform in high ambient temperatures with low noise output, making packaging easy for all environments.

When you need a compact design for medium-sized power generation, you will find the 1103 range has an engine that’s right for you.



Fast facts

3 cylinders

3.3 litres

Suitable for industrial applications

36.9-58 kW (49.5-77.8 hp) of power

Our 1103 EP engines give 28-68 kWm engine power with 30-59 kVA generator output

Industrial applications

Backhoe loaders




Forklift trucks

Rock drills

And many more