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Vast experience and specialised skills

The Customer Machine Engineering Team
The Customer Machine Engineering Team

The Customer Machine Engineering Team


The Customer Machine Engineering Team (CMET) team was formed in 2017, following years of machine development and validation within the Perkins Global Development Centre.

Sometimes customers engineering resources are limited, so the CMET service removes a significant burden and allows access to the expertise that the Perkins team can provide. 

The team

The team is comprised of individuals with a vast experience of Perkins products and specialised skills in order to take projects from concept, all the way through to a functional fully tested machine or to the agreed prototype / production machine level.

The CMET core is made up of engineers, technicians and business specialists from sales and marketing. The driving philosophy and objective of the team is to work in close collaboration with the customer’s engineering and business teams.

  • The team includes a CMET engineering lead and CMET sales lead facilitating effective communication and coordination between Perkins and the customer, leading the CMET process through to completion
  • Design engineers; responsible for the design of the new engine installation and creation of engineering drawings
  • Supply network specialist: source, purchase and deliver components and organisation of the customer machine
  • Testing and development engineers and technicians:

a. instrument and baseline test original machine

b.  strip, rebuild and instrument machine with new engine

c. test and develop new engine installation

d. re-baseline test new installation

Whilst CMET members each have their own specific roles, CMET is a highly integrated team which works very closely together across all its running projects in order to successfully complete them. Each project has its own dedicated testing and development engineer and technician.

The team’s philosophy

At the heart CMET we know that by working together, we achieve better results.

“Feedback from customers who have already worked with CMET is that by working together, we have improved the performance of their machine beyond what they could have done alone in the timescale,” says Rob Borland, engineering team leader in CMET.


Collaboration and IP protection

We believe in collaboration - it is at the heart of the Customer Machine Engineering Team (CMET) offering. By working together, we know we get better results.

Rightly customers keen to embark on work with CMET, want to understand how we can work together, whilst ensuring Intellectual Property (IP) and confidential data is kept safe.

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Collaboration and IP protection
Collaboration and IP protection