A collaborative approach

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Collaborative approach
Collaborative approach

Collaborative approach

The CMET team is driven by a desire to deliver ideas and solutions that enhance the performance of customers’ machines.

Perkins Customer Machine Engineering Team (CMET) is driven by a desire to deliver ideas and solutions that enhance the performance of customers’ machines.

Whether original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) choose to use the team’s services as a complete or partial package, they always benefit from the collaborative approach that’s at the forefront of the CMET philosophy.

Rob Borland is engineering team leader in CMET and is focused on meeting the customer’s requirements.

“Feedback from customers who have already worked with CMET is that by working together, we have improved the performance of their machine beyond what they could have done alone in the timescale,” he says.

“We can achieve all their engine requirements more cost-effectively or quicker and deliver improved performance in the areas that matter most to their customers.”

Through the services delivered by CMET, OEMs benefit from:

  • Perkins experience – Our world-class resources, testing facilities, engine experts and more will reduce the overall burden on your R&D programme.
  • Collaborative approach – By working together with Perkins, you can deliver the machine that meets your customers’ needs. Perkins will project manage the design, test and machine sign off process, giving you a 3D model design and machine ready for the next stage of your machine process.
  • Intellectual Property (IP) protection – Your machines always remain your IP and so are fully protected throughout the entire process. Only members of CMET working on your project can access the information. Perkins CMET designs, tests and delivers your machine while protecting your IP.

Having built more than 22 million engines which have been installed in around 5,000 different types of application, Perkins engineers are experienced in a wide range of application installations.

“Come and talk to us about your engineering challenge,” says Rob. “Don’t think we won’t be able to solve it, because we’ve helped resolve just about every powertrain problem, numerous times.  

“At the same time, we’ll realise so many other benefits that you may not be expecting. That’s because working with CMET and Perkins will give you access to all the latest expertise, innovations and technologies in our business, and add immense value to your machines.”


Collaboration and IP protection

We believe in collaboration - it is at the heart of the Customer Machine Engineering Team (CMET) offering. By working together, we know we get better results.

Rightly customers keen to embark on work with CMET, want to understand how we can work together, whilst ensuring Intellectual Property (IP) and confidential data is kept safe.

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Collaboration and IP protection
Collaboration and IP protection