Perkins service network – expertise whenever needed

Perkins service network

Perkins service network – expertise whenever needed

Perkins distributor network ensures you get the best from your engine. Our global network offer parts and service support as well as standard and customised engine solutions. Building strong relationships with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and end users, our distributors have a direct customer focused approach.

They have a detailed understanding of their local market and they really do think global: act local. They are large enough to make each customer successful, yet small enough to make every customer feel important.

Our global network of distributors is there to ensure you get the best from your Perkins engine.

The distributors deliver the Perkins service, protecting the Perkins brand promise and helping you, our customers, to succeed. They build strong relationships with you to make sure they provide consistent support to OEMs and end users.

Distributors operate within a designated territory. Their primary relationship is with OEMs that need a flexible distributor who can add value and provide consistent product support to both the OEM and end users. They also understand the culture and market in the territory they support.

Perkins Service Network
Our distributors provide unrivalled support to our customers.

Our distribution network ensures our customers get the expert help they need. Think global: act local is at the heart of the customer focused approach that means customers get the best from their Perkins engine.
Allison Pepper - global distribution development manager

That direct customer focused approach is what makes Perkins stand out from the crowd.

Our distributors offer parts and service support as well as standard and customised engine solutions.

With excellent parts availability, our after-sales support delivers professional service levels and competitive response times. Our distributors also provide added value services, for example, extended service contract options.

The Perkins network of distributors is a resource that customers can trust and which provides technical and business solutions whenever required.

Our end users and OEMs often choose Perkins because of our superior global sales and service support. Through our global distributors we provide the expertise that totally satisfies end users and OEMs in the distributor’s territory.


Fast facts

A global distribution network offering:

  • Parts and service support as well as standard and customised engine solutions
  • A direct customer focused approach
  • Detailed local market knowledge
  • Expertise whenever needed

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What's expected of a Perkins distributor?

Our network of global distributors is there to meet your expectations as a Perkins customer.

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