The right choice for all your maintenance needs

The right choice for all your maintenance needs

Perkins distributors are simply the best when it comes to looking after your engine. Daily they carry out repair, overhaul and servicing to the highest standards, thanks to their Perkins-certified training, unrivalled knowledge of our products, and access to the latest engine data, tools and parts. If you want your engine to stay running reliably, performing to the maximum, and keeping your downtime to a minimum, choose our dedicated distributors to look after your engines.

Perkins distributors across the globe know our engines as well as we do. Our relationship with some of them goes back 70 years – that’s how much experience and knowledge we have rooted in our extensive distributor network.

As an end user of our engines, you’ll depend on high-quality servicing to keep your engines running, and your business as productive and profitable as possible. Put simply, you need Perkins expertise from Perkins professionals and Perkins Genuine parts. 

Your Perkins distributor has all of these – and more. They have unrivalled knowledge and expertise of our products, they’ve been trained to Perkins-certified levels, they have access to all our latest servicing software and hardware, and they have the local knowledge that means they fully understand your needs.

Perkins distributors are simply the best when it comes to looking after your engine.

Exclusive tools

Only our appointed Perkins distributors have access to our exclusive Perkins tools, software, data and all the genuine parts. This allows them to service your engine to the highest level, rapidly diagnose and fix any issues, and ensure any repairs can be fully depended on.

Our distributors’ service centres can download the latest version of Perkins engine control software each time you have your engine serviced. So you know your engine is in the hands of the only people who can ensure it is fully up to date.

Right first time

They’re also committed to following clear Perkins quality processes that help them get the job right first time.

The extensive knowledge and technical excellence that Perkins has built up over more than 85 years of engineering experience is shared by our distributors. It forms the heart of how they help us service our customers. 

There’s genuinely no-one better to service your precision engine, ensuring it maintains the correct balance to achieve optimum power output, maximum fuel efficiency and continue to meet the emissions standards in your territory.

Our distribution network is exceptional and our distributors are the best around to look after your Perkins engine. They appreciate that your engine needs to be operational for the maximum time available and will do all they can to make that happen.


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