Distributor best practice explained

Distributor best practice explained

Our global network of distributors globally is there to meet your expectations as a Perkins customer. Best practice processes ensure our distributors are customer focused and flexible enough to add value and provide consistent product support to both the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and end users.

Our Distributors’ Guidebook sets out what is expected of a Perkins distributor, which helps us drive distributor excellence.

They are there to deliver your expectations as a customer of Perkins. They protect the Perkins brand promise and help us and our customers to succeed.

Competition in the marketplace is intense and it’s critical that our distributors are customer focused. They operate in designated territories and their primary relationship is to OEMs that need a flexible distributor that can add value and provide consistent product support to both the OEM and end users.

Expectations of a distributor

The Distributors’ Guidebook sets out what is expected of a Perkins distributor so that we can capitalise on best practice and drive distributor excellence.

Perkins Distributors
A Perkins distributor helps a customer get the best from their engine.

Distributors are expected to possess a certain number of foundational capabilities. These are fundamentally important so we can raise operational performance and efficiency across our entire distributor network.

The foundational capabilities centre around:

  • Values, ethics and compliance
  • People development capabilities and operational effectiveness
  • Leadership development
  • Customer relationship management
  • Strategic planning and continuous improvements
  • Branding
  • Marketing capabilities
  • Parts and service operations
  • Digital capability and technology adoption
  • Market planning and customer segmentation
  • Added value provider and/or complete solution provider

Our global network of distributors have the expertise to add real value to our OEMs and end users on a daily basis. Whether it's a query about their engine, a scheduled service or an order for replacement parts, our distributors have the up-to-date knowledge OEMs and end users can rely on. It's a service that sets us apart from the competition.
Allison Pepper, distributor development manager

Customer-orientated approach

Our distributors need to have a detailed understanding of their local market and customer requirements.

They have a customer-orientated approach and the dedicated resources to proactively market product support. They share Perkins vision, strategic direction and focus and have processes in place to measure customer satisfaction.

Our distributors have the right number of trained technicians, with the expertise to meet customer needs in terms of product enquiries, product servicing and the supply of parts, including detailed knowledge of Perkins Power Exchange scheme.

It’s about having up-to-date product knowledge and both the tools and personnel to provide a Perkins service experience to the customer.


Fast facts

With our distributor network you get:

  • Access to a network serving 175 countries
  • A firm customer-focused approach
  • Expected foundational capabilities to ensure high performance

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