Perkins launches its extended electric power product line with a new electronic large engine range

Monday February 1, 2021

Perkins Engines Company Limited today announced the North American launch of their most powerful line of electronic engines to date, delivering up to 1500 kWe emergency standby power for a range of critical applications.

“With multiple engine models offering a substantial power output of up to 1500 kWe—ideal for a 1.5 MWe generator set—every aspect of the new 5000 Series engine range, from its load acceptance capabilities to custom-created components and innovative engineering techniques, has been designed to optimise our customers’ needs for quick, reliable and cost-effective power,” said Americas sales director Bill Giunta.

Load acceptance

Optimised turbochargers enable the new 5000 Series engines to deliver outstanding load acceptance—meeting ISO 8528-5 G2 and G3 standards—and the ability to accept NFPA 100 percent block load. All of this means that the 5000 Series achieves full recovery after first load step within 13 seconds.

“The engine’s ability to very quickly deliver stable backup power is a vital requirement for critical applications,” said 5000 Series product manager, Steve Chesworth. “Drawn on nearly nine decades of engine-design and manufacturing expertise, the 5000 Series is the culmination of many years of research, development and rigorous testing. Throughout that time, we’ve focused on delivering what our customers have asked for—cost-effective and reliable power—and we’re confident this engine will exceed their expectations.”


Designed to make a difference. The new 5008C-E30TAG from Perkins delivers emergency power at a moment’s notice thanks to its proven load acceptance capabilities.

The new 5008C-ETAG from Perkins

Designed to deliver critical power

The first model in the series to be released—the 5008C-E30TAG—is destined for customers in North America.

Designed, engineered and built to provide emergency power for data centres, hospitals and commercial buildings, the 5000 Series has been rigorously tested for performance and durability with thousands of running hours already under its belt. With critical infrastructure at stake, the engine has been tested and proven in the harshest environments.

“This engine is already proven to perform when it matters most,” said an excited Giunta. “The Perkins team is really looking forward to providing additional engineering and testing support for the 5000 Series, as we work alongside our customers to optimise engine performance in their generator sets.”

The 5008C-E30TAG: What you need to know

The power-dense 5008C-E30TAG is an eight-cylinder, inline 60 Hz offering available as 900 and 1000 kWe standby power nodes.

The engine:

  • Delivers immediate emergency power thanks to its proven load acceptance capabilities, providing trusted standby power compliant with NFPA 110 Type 10 and ISO 8528-5 G2 and G3 for critical applications and more stable commercial power for day-to-day operation  
  • Provides high power density from a smaller, compact footprint of 32.7 kWe/L
  • Features electronic sensors with wireless communication capability as standard, allowing operators to remotely monitor the generator and engine
  • Offers lower cost of ownership including an oil service interval of 750 hours, two years and ease of maintenance with single-side servicing
  • Has high ambient and altitude capabilities, offering up to 131°F (55°C) ambient temperature
  • Comes with a three-year, 1,500 hours warranty for standby

Global expertise and local support

“In many areas in the world Perkins has long been regarded as the engine of choice for power generation—a reputation we’re rightly very proud of,” said vice president of global sales, marketing, service and support, Jaz Gill. “I’m very excited about the opportunities the 5000 Series will create for us to extend that brand reputation and further grow our business in North America.”

As with all Perkins engines, the 5000 Series will be supported by our global network of 88 distributors covering 185 countries, so customers can quickly access the service, expertise and speed of support the network is known for.

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