5008C-E30TAG ElecropaK


Product Specifications for 5008C-E30TAG

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Total Power Range

60 Hz Typical Electrical Output

Emission Standards


ElectropaK Dimensions


5008C-E30TAG Standard Equipment

Air inlet system

  • Engine mounted air filter

Cooling system

  • Radiator supplied loose
  • Fan and fan guards supplied

Electrical equipment

  • Engine mounted ECM
  • Wiring harness to ECM and all connectors to single customer interface supplied

Elecrtical equipment

  • Starter motor and battery charging alternator

Flywheel and flywheel housing

  • Flywheel and flywheel housing options

Fuel system

  • Engine mounted fuel filter
  • Electric fuel priming pump
  • Fuel cooler supplied


  • Temperature and oil pressure for automatic stop/alarm configurable

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