Perkins debuts new hybrid engine technologies for first time in U.S. at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020

Perkins at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020

For the first time in North America, Perkins displays four new hybrid engine technologies at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020.





Hybrid and Electric Solutions

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Monday March 9, 2020

Proudly offering one of the most comprehensive product ranges available, Perkins is showcasing its commitment to improving customers’ lives through innovative engine concepts, global distributor support network, genuine parts and advanced digital capabilities March 10-14 at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020.

“Perkins offers an industry-leading choice of world-class engines and options, so no matter the industry—from rental fleets that house hundreds of types of equipment to multi-machine construction worksites—our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers can be confident that we have the right engine for even the most unique applications,” said Jaz Gill, Perkins vice president of global sales, marketing, service and parts. “Our reputation as a power-solutions expert means OEMs feel confident working side-by-side with our team of engineers and developers to create an optimal solution for their machine.”

Perkins at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020

The interactive booth will feature five hands-on engine displays that highlight the expansive 0.5 to 18-litre (4–597 kW / 5–800 hp) engine range currently offered, in addition to the North-American debut of Perkins future hybrid concepts.

Future-focused engine technology

With more than 85 years of engine expertise, we’ve had to look ahead and remain adaptive in an ever-changing world. The same is true today as we continue to significantly invest in the possibilities and advantages of hybrid engine technologies.

By working closely through the development stages with OEMs, Perkins provides solutions—including hybrid options—that can accelerate research and development and offer solutions designed to meet the demanding needs and challenges for almost any industry, saving the OEM valuable time and costs.

At CONEXPO/CON-AGG 2020, Perkins will display three hybrid technology concepts as part of its continued focus on power system innovation for OEMs. Utilising the Perkins® Syncro 2.8 litre engine, each of the four hybrid technologies offers a unique set of benefits at 75 kW / 100 hp—all of which allow the deletion of the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) system. As part of the display, Perkins debuts its brand-new second-generation hybrid-electric concept, which offers OEMs a zero-emissions, zero-noise, electric-only mode.

“Perkins is focused on delivering more choice and increasing value to our customers. The four hybrid concepts we’re showcasing are examples of future technologies that will take machine efficiency to the next level” says Tom Nankervis, electrification marketing manager. “With our range of hybrid engines, customers can choose to downsize their engine and use the hybrid power for peak-load, or they can reduce output from the diesel engine, choosing to lower fuel consumption up to 20 percent.”

With more than10 years’ experience of developing electric-hybrid engine systems, Perkins continues innovating engine technologies. That’s because customers need an affordable and economically sustainable life-cycle solution that minimises the perceived risks of transitioning to an electric machine. Whether it’s tailoring a system around an OEM’s needs or maintaining performance throughout the machine’s life, Perkins—and its global distribution network—are here to support them.

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Engine data at your fingertips

With over a hundred thousand downloads, the Perkins® My Engine App provides its users with proactive service reminders, quick access to engine parts and ordering, and most recently, free service manuals for all Perkins engines UNECE R96/Stage IIIA or below—helping keep overall downtime to a minimum. The free app is available in multiple languages including English, Spanish, French and German.

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Genuine parts you can trust             

By now, the benefits of genuine parts are almost universally known: they help to maximise the life of your engine, they can keep life cycle and overall engine costs low and will-fit parts can potentially damage other parts of the engine. Perkins genuine parts are crafted to spec directly from the engine with these ideas clearly in mind.

Tested and rigorously validated from the same engineers who built the engine, OEMs, machine owners and work-shops know when they buy Perkins genuine parts, it will fit the first time. And thanks to an included 12-month warranty on parts, they’re also getting peace of mind.

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