Chinese Language Version of Perkins® My Engine App Introduced at Bauma China in Shanghai

Perkins Engines are displaying a new Chinese language version of the Perkins® My Engine App at Bauma China in Shanghai, November 27-30. Nearly 3,000 exhibitors and 170,000 visitors are expected at Asia’s largest and most important construction industry event.

The Perkins My Engine App is a free Smartphone app that provides users of Perkins engines with a wealth of specification, maintenance, service, parts, and distributor support information. It is available free from local app stores in China and has already been downloaded more than 100,000 times by users worldwide. 

The app allows end users to register their Perkins engine, access the OMM (Operation and Maintenance Manual) and parts book, keep a service record and easily contact a Perkins distributor. It provides a unified solution for owners and operators of Perkins powered machines who need to gain easy access to information specific to the registered engine such as: part numbers required for service and maintenance tasks, up and coming service reminders, and recommended service tasks and a completed service history. It also provides the engine build list, series, type, model and Perkins® Platinum Protection indicator.

“The Chinese language app is the most up-to-date version available,” noted Sophia Xing, commerical manager.  “It includes the most recent updates to both content and the user interface appropriate to the Chinese market and we are confident our Chinese customers will find it both valuable and easy to use.”

Chinese Language Version of Perkins® My Engine App Introduced at Bauma China in Shanghai

The Chinese language app’s features include:

  • A countdown reminder showing how many hours are left until the next service
  • A service log which is essentially an electronic log book
  • Distributor contact information detailing the two Perkins distributors servicing Chinese customers - Lei Shing Hong Machinery Ltd and Foshan SD Elco Power Equipment Ltd
  • Book a service feature with direct link to the customer’s preferred Perkins distributor
  • A consumables list for frequently used parts, such as filters and belts.
  • Access to the full parts book, providing expanded diagrams and parts list for details of all parts that may be required when servicing, maintaining or overhauling an engine
  • Access to the full OMM for the user’s engine providing engine specifications, recommended service interval information, and more.
  • The ability to share engine data with other app users upon approval by the engine owner, which is a new feature that could be useful for organisations with many employees
  • Icons to identify a user’s different machines and allow them to be ‘tagged’ for easy identification within the app - a new feature particularly useful for large fleets
  • The ability to record ad hoc maintenance and repair work between scheduled services
  • A Perkins Platinum Protection indicator.

“The new Chinese language interface has a clean, modern look and feel, along with new features to enhance the user experience,” said Ian Bradford, product manager. “Introduction of this upgrade at Bauma China is part of Perkins’ strategic outreach to aftermarket customers in China to help them increase the value of their Perkins powered equipment.”