A Perkins overhaul makes life easier for customers

Having your Perkins engine regularly serviced means your engine will have a long working life. At some stage, even though you have followed the prescribed maintenance guidelines, your engine may need to be overhauled.

An overhaul is a specialty job and customers are advised to contact Perkins’ global distributor network, which has a wealth of knowledge, experience and specialised tools plus access to a complete range of genuine parts. A technician who specialises in Perkins engines can help determine what needs to be replaced, much of which depends on what has deteriorated and impacted engine performance. An example might be the boring out of cylinders and the installation of new pistons and rings, bearings and gaskets. Crankshafts and cylinder heads can either be replaced or reconditioned.

Perkins has an extensive range of overhaul solutions to provide customers with many options while keeping their engines maintained and in pristine condition.

The kit range has a modular approach that helps address the most common requirements including: valvetrain kits, overhaul kits, gasket and seal kits and main and conrod bearing kits. These kits can be combined in numerous ways to provide a cost-effective solution to support major overhauls.

“The kits make specifying the required parts easier than ever and provide customers a cost savings when compared with purchasing individual parts,” said Ian Bradford, Perkins aftermarket product manager. 


A Perkins overhaul makes life easier for customers

As an alternative to overhauling an engine, especially if machine downtime is a premium, customers can also choose to purchase a replacement engine. Perkins provides the industry’s most complete range of remanufactured and replacement engine options that are cost-effective and more readily available than ever before. There are over 350 replacement engine options available. Within this range, Perkins offers long blocks, short blocks and complete heads as both remanufactured and new options. In addition, the range also includes off-the-shelf, brand new, complete replacement engines on select models that meet various emissions standards.

Full, new replacement engines offer a ‘drop in’ solution and are very quick to install. Your machine will be up and running again in no time and you are guaranteed new engine performance at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

“Whatever overhaul solution you choose, it is vital that you purchase and install genuine Perkins parts,” Ian said. “Non-genuine parts will not be manufactured to meet the exact needs of your Perkins engine and a mismatch or fitting of the wrong part can cause serious engine damage, premature wear or incorrect emission levels.”

Every genuine Perkins part carries a 12-month warranty, with complete replacement engines benefiting from an option to extend the warranty up to ten years through the Perkins® Platinum Protection plan. No other, non-genuine parts supplier of replacement parts can even attempt to compete with this.