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Your Perkins distributor is your Perkins engine’s best friend


When an engine leaves one of Perkins’ global manufacturing locations it begins delivering value to its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or end user customer the moment it’s installed. But that, literally, is only the beginning. From that point on, the advanced design and manufacturing engineering that went into producing the engine has done its job. The engine’s ultimate value is now dependent on the skill and know-how of the people who will service, maintain and repair it for the balance of its life.


For a Perkins engine, that means its future now is in the capable hands of a member of the worldwide Perkins distributor network. In 171 countries that means access to trained technicians, genuine Perkins parts, a responsive local organisation and a customer focused business approach that is uniquely Perkins. 

OEMs and end users often choose Perkins engines because of their global reputation for efficiency and reliability. But it’s the superior global sales and service support they receive from the Perkins distributor network that turns one-time buyers into lifetime customers over and over. 

Perkins is a global brand which means Perkins engines may be used anywhere from the high arctic to the hottest, driest desert. Knowing how to service and maintain that engine under local conditions is one of the major strengths of the Perkins distributor. Think Global, Act Local is a winning combination and every Perkins distributor works hard to make it a reality.


The Perkins distributor network is constantly growing to keep up with the global demand for Perkins powered equipment. Here is a quick introduction to the newest members of the Perkins distributor network:

Puerto Rico San Juan based Power Master is the authorised Perkins distributor in Puerto Rico. Strategically located near current and prospective customers, Power Master provides customers with exceptional convenience and accessibility plus access to more than 20 years of experience in machinery application, engineering and aftermarket support.

Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia A Perkins distributor for over 30 years, BU Power Systems is the interim authorised Perkins distributor for Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. They will provide support for Perkins’ customers, with responsibility for the sales and after-sales service of Perkins diesel, gas and marine engines the tri-border region in the Caucasus.

Paraguay S.A.C.I.H. Petersen - known locally as H. Petersen - is the authorised Perkins distributor for Paraguay. Covering the country with five branches, their highly experienced team of sales, repair and servicing technicians will bring their extensive experience with industrial engines to Paraguay’s strong agriculture, cattle ranch and construction industries. 

U.S. States of Kentucky and Virginia With the addition of Kentucky and Virginia to its service area, Cincinnati, Ohio based Clarke Powered Solutions now supports Perkins’ customers in 26 eastern and midwestern U.S. States. Clarke has more than 55 years of industry experience and offers sales, engineering, support, parts, and service to Perkins’ customers.

Southeast United States Georgia based Pathfinder Power Solutions is the new authorised Perkins distributor for the Southeast region of the United States. They will serve Perkins’ customers in the U.S. States of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee with complete sales, engineering, support, parts and service.

Japan Sime Darby Elco Power Japan Limited is the authorised Perkins distributor for Japan. With more than 30 years of Perkins experience Elco Power adds Japan to 18 Chinese provinces, South Korea and Malaysia to which it currently supplies service and support for the complete range of Perkins products. 

Bolivia Mainter Bolivia is the authorised Perkins distributor for Bolivia. With extensive experience in Bolivia’s agricultural and industrial markets, Mainter Bolivia serves Perkins customers from its headquarters location in Santa Cruz de la Sierra and seven regional workshops to ensure rapid response to the needs of Perkins-powered equipment owners.

Uruguay Montevideo based Diesel Motors Co. SRL, is the authorised Perkins distributor for Uruguay. Their sales, repair and service technicians bring more than 25 years of experience to Perkins’ customers in the established agricultural and livestock industries and the rapidly growing market for new and used Perkins-powered construction equipment.

Quatar Doha based Obaikan Equipment and Services WLL is the authorised Perkins distributor for Qatar. A family owned business associated with Qatar since the 1970s, Obaikan has two parts warehouses and service workshops and a dedicated team of 30 professionals across parts sales and service support to serve Perkins customers.

Algeria  Onnyx Ltd is the authorised Perkins distributor for Algeria. Based on their 18 years of experience with Perkins’ engines as a second level dealer, Onnyx Ltd has established a strong 21-person team focused on engine and parts sales and the delivery of 24/7 technical service support to Perkins-powered customers.

Czech Republic BU Power Systems purchased BEL, spol. s.r.o. – the Perkins distributor for the Czech Republic and is now responsible for the sales and after-sales service of Perkins diesel, gas and marine engines there. A Perkins distributor for more than 30 years, BU Power Systems serves Perkins’ customers in many countries throughout Europe. 

Anywhere in the world Just go to https://distributorlocator.perkins.com/ and find your nearest Perkins distributor with trained technicians, genuine parts, and the expertise to keep your Perkins engine delivering the value it’s known for all over the world. Your Perkins distributor is only a phone call away, and it’s nearly always a local call. 

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