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Dependable electric power generation drives sales of Perkins® 4000 Series in India.

India is now the second largest consumer of Perkins® 4000 Series engines in the world, thanks to the rapid rise in standby and prime electric power generation solutions for data centres and the growing infrastructure development projects underway across the country.



India is now the second largest consumer of Perkins® 4000 Series engines in the world, thanks to the rapid rise in standby and prime electric power generation solutions for data centres and the growing infrastructure development projects underway across the country.

In collaboration with its two authorised generator set original equipment manufacturers (GOEMs) for the Perkins® 4000 Series engines – Supernova Engineers Limited and Captiva Energy Solutions – a record number of engines were sold in India in the 2022-23 financial year.

Perkins continues to add new power ratings to the 4000 Series range in order to meet demand for dependable power generation solutions. Recently Perkins released a new 1750 kVA power rating on its 4012-46TAG4A engine, to enable more customers to select the power dense 12 cylinder offering.

“Up to now, customers have used the 16 cylinder offering for this power node,” explained Asia sales director Tommy Quan. “We’ve listened to our customers and are pleased to now offer 1750 kVA on the 12 cylinder variant, enabling customers to benefit from a smaller engine footprint and low cost of ownership including a reduction in fluid consumption, while getting the power density they require.”

To meet the ever-increasing demand for the 4000 Series in India and the wider Asian region, Perkins opened its Aurangabad manufacturing facility in October 2015. Demand has been such that in October 2022, the facility celebrated the production of its 10,000 4000 Series engine, which delivers from 750 kVA up to 2500 kVA power.

Across India, the 4000 Series engines have provided reliable standby and prime electric power generation solutions for airports, universities, real estate, large manufacturing industries and critical power installations including hospitals and data centres.

New data demands drive electric power generation opportunities

“Demand for data across the globe is driving a huge upsurge in data centres, and India is no exception,” said Tommy. “Over the last few years, we’ve seen a phenomenal number of orders from the data centre industry, so much so, that we have introduced bespoke ratings for this sector up to 2500 kVA, as well as offering end-to-end support to meet the customers’ requirements.”

Indeed, within the last year, Perkins and its generator original equipment manufacturers (GOEMs) Supernova Engineers Limited and Captiva Energy Solutions have installed and maintained Perkins-powered generating sets across the country in key cities including Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Patna and Jaipur. And more are due for installation throughout 2023 and 2024.

Perkins® 4000 Series – powering critical Indian infrastructure

“Data has become so important in everyday life that these data centres are of similar importance – at a critical infrastructure level – to healthcare,” explained Arijit Bose, managing director, Captiva Energy Solutions. “We’re getting good results and feedback from our customers in India who are impressed with the versatility and dependability of the 4000 Series. They have peace of mind knowing that should the mains power fail, the 4000 Series engines will immediately power on, enabling the data centre to maintain constant uptime for its customers.”

Samir Mistry, chairman of Supernova Engineers Limited continued: “The 4000 Series is ideally suited to powering critical installations across the country, with Government, corporate, retail, oil and gas, as well as data centres and hospitals, all featuring on our customer list. The engine range is compact, fuel efficient, offers proven reliability and has excellent block load characteristics.”

Committed to powering India

“India is a very important region for Perkins,” said Abhinav Gupta, general sales manager for South Asia. “We’re committed to producing and investing in the power solutions our customers need now and going forward as the world transitions to a lower-carbon future.

“In collaboration with our distributors Gmmco Power and Powerparts Private Limited, and our GOEMs, we have end-to-end solutions to take care of customers across their experience touchpoints including post sale services and aftermarket offerings.” 

Abhinav continued: “We are always searching for better ways of helping customers achieve their goals and solving their problems, to enable their continued success. By working together with our customers, we create better power solutions for all, making a difference to human progress.”

4000 Series

Around the world, more than 3 million generators are powered by Perkins’ 5-2500 kVA engine range. Many feature the Perkins 4000 Series, which is designed for standby and prime electricity generation. With models from 6 to 16 cylinders, diesel models achieve regulated and unregulated emissions standards globally. To learn more about the 4000 Series visit

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