Original quality in replacement parts

Perkins aftermarket parts are sourced only from suppliers whose products match original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards; frequently this will be the same supplier who makes the original part. In some cases, for example if the part is now out of production, alternative sources will be found. Whatever their source, the standard of these parts will be as good as – or an improvement on – the original. This will ensure our warranty is maintained.

When it comes to sourcing replacement parts for your engine, it’s vital you ensure they are every bit as good as – if not better than – the original ones. That is why Perkins recommends that original equipment parts manufactured to OEM levels of quality are used every time.

This is principally to protect you as our customers. You can buy parts that look like Perkins parts and they may even be in packaging that claims to be from us, but the number of inferior quality counterfeit parts is growing alarmingly, particularly in markets such as China and the Far East.

Obtaining genuine parts via your local distributor is the only way to guarantee that they have come from a fully authorised source, will fit properly first time and do the job you intend for them. Their quality is guaranteed and only these parts will be backed by our standard 12 month warranty that offers you additional peace of mind.


We sell parts according to quality not price

We sell parts according to quality not price

Industry standard

Standards are highly important. No supplier can sell parts with our authorisation unless we have approved them. To do so, they must have attained the industry standard ISO/TS16949 certification for the engine supply chain, based on the certification rules laid down by the International Automotive Task Force (IATF).

In the majority of cases, the suppliers of our parts will be the same ones who originally supplied the parts for your engine. Sometimes that supplier will have worked with us for many decades and can still source parts for engines that can be up to 60 years old. If the supplier is no longer in business or no longer manufactures that particular part, we will scour the market until we find one capable of meeting a similar quality threshold. 

Fast facts

Perkins aftermarket parts are:

  • Of as good quality, if not better than, the original
  • The only parts that give you total piece of mind