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If your faithful engine has served you for many years, but isn’t working as well as it used to, now may be the time to consider an engine overhaul.

An overhaul will extend your engine’s life for many more years and return performance to new, or nearly new, conditions – a much better return on investment than trading in for a new machine.

What does an overhaul involve?

Overhauls involve work on the core of your engine – the area which isn’t touched at standard servicing. It’s a complex procedure and can include installation of new piston rings, bearings and gaskets plus boring out of the cylinders. Crankshafts and cylinder heads can either be replaced or reconditioned.  

One overhaul can vary dramatically from another, depending on the areas where your engine performance is less than it was. 

A complete overhaul of your Perkins engine takes place very rarely. If you do decide to undertake this process, our overhaul kits have been designed to complement other parts kits offerings to ensure you have the right parts for the job.

Looked after properly and serviced in accordance with the recommended intervals, your Perkins engine will last for thousands of hours. Even with such a diligent approach, however, there may come a time when a complete overhaul is needed to extend the life of the engine.

Perkins overhaul kits, along with other complementary kits, are designed to work together to bring you the right overhaul solution. Your distributor is a good source of additional advice if you need any help in this area.

As standard, the overhaul kit will include:

  • Replacement pistons
  • Replacement piston rings
  • Complete gasket set
  • Liners (if applicable)

Additional overhaul components are available to order according to your requirements. Once the overhaul is finished, the engine will enjoy a new lease of life with a noticeable improvement in overall performance.


Ovehaul Kits

Overhaul kits will drastically improve the performance of your engine

Ovehaul Kits

Overhaul components

A complete overhaul of your Perkins engine may happen only once or twice during its life.

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