Crankshaft transfers power

Crankshaft transfers power

Crankshafts are a major component of your engine and allow it to operate at its optimum performance level for a long time. They rarely need replacing and it’s not uncommon for a crankshaft never to be replaced during the life of the engine. They’re available in a variety of high quality and durable materials, according to the requirements of your engine.

The crankshaft is one of the key components of your engine. It converts the power generated by the reciprocating up-and-down motion of the pistons into rotational power for running the connected machinery.

The shape of the crankshaft allows connections from the pistons – known as connecting rods or con rods – to rotate it thousands of times a minute.

Incredibly robust

In turn, this means that the crankshaft has to be incredibly robust. The precise choice of materials for your crankshaft will depend on the specific engine model you own and the function that it has to perform in each case. In line with the designated function, Perkins engines will use a range of materials including cast iron, steel or spherical graphite iron (SGI).

Crankshafts allow your engine to perform at its optimum level

The testing processes for crankshafts are rigorous. They have to be conducted with painstaking attention to detail because replacing a crankshaft is a major job, which may require your engine to be removed from your application / machine and cause a loss of production.

If your crankshaft does need to be replaced, only genuine Perkins crankshafts provide you with reliable, durable and optimum performance and come with a full 12 month warranty for additional peace of mind.

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Fast facts

The crankshaft:

  • Is a major component in your engine
  • Creates the rotational power needed to run your machine
  • Goes through rigorous testing processes to ensure it's incredibly robust

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