Con rods link pistons and crankshaft

Con rods link pistons and crankshaft

Con rods, or connecting rods to give them their full name, transfer the power generated by the engine’s pistons to the crankshaft, which then operates the machinery it’s connected to. They travel thousands of times a minute and operate under considerable strain. This is a core component in delivering the power that you need from your engine.

The con rod is the vital link between where power is generated in the pistons to where it is used in the crankshaft. It needs to move thousands of times a minute as smoothly as possible. The number of con rods in your engine depends on the number of cylinders it has.

This punishing operating environment means that there can be no compromise on the quality of the materials used, or on the testing process and the manufacture of the con rod.

While con rods should not need to be replaced regularly, it is advised that they are checked for signs of wear, damage or distortion – particularly in harsh operating environments.

Con rods need replacing according to the service schedule

Catastrophic results

A worn con rod has the potential to break mid-cycle with catastrophic results for your engine. As the con rod is at the heart of the engine, it is not easy to carry out regular visual checks. This makes is even more important to ensure that your engine is serviced and maintained by a Perkins engine expert at one of our local distributors.

All Perkins con rods are covered by our 12 month warranty.


Fast facts

Con rods:

  • Work in a punishing operating environment
  • Are vital to the delivery of power from your engine

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