Piston liners: smooth power transfer

Piston liners: smooth power transfer

Piston liners line the cylinder in which the pistons run. They are typically made of a more durable metal than the engine block itself and replacing them when they are worn can extend the life of your engine. Our pre-finished liners include the correct cross-hatching pattern needed to assist in oil control.

Pistons provide the power to your engine, but just as critical as the power output is the cylinder in which that power is produced. Piston liners sit within the cylinder and help provide a tight seal, so it can extract the maximum power from the gases produced by the internal combustion process.

The four main benefits derived from the use of the piston liner are:

  • Higher anti-galling properties
  • Reduced wear on the cylinder
  • Less wear on the partner piston ring
  • Lower consumption of lubricant
Piston liners incorporate a cross-hatching pattern for oil control

Galling is the name for the wear caused by adhesion that occurs between sliding surfaces. When there is a lot of pressure pushing surfaces towards each other, some of the material can break loose and even stick to the other surface. In time, this can prevent the machine from operating efficiently and eventually could cause it to seize up, so high anti-galling properties are vital.

By shielding the cylinder using a liner, there is less wear on the cylinder itself. That means there is less downtime as it is much quicker to replace a cylinder lining than a whole cylinder.

In addition, the cylinder liner helps transfer the heat generated in the cylinder into the coolant system, dissipating the high temperatures generated. Because of these extreme temperatures and pressures generated routinely in the cylinder block, the choice of material for the cylinder liners still tends to be cast iron so that they can best retain their shape.

Perkins pre-finished liners include the correct cross-hatching pattern needed to assist in oil control. Cross-hatching is the creation of two sets of lines on the cylinder lining and it is vital that this is at the correct angle; this is guaranteed if you buy genuine Perkins products.

All piston liners are covered by the standard 12 month warranty.


Fast facts

Our Perkins piston liners:

  • Reduce wear on your cylinders, making them last longer
  • Reduce consumption of lubricant
  • Help your pistons extract maximum power

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