How our distributors go the extra mile

By opting for Perkins Genuine Parts, you have access to a truly global network that goes the extra mile to ensure your machinery is never out of action for a moment longer than necessary. This is what they have done for just a few of our customers.

Perkins distributors offer outstanding aftermarket and service support – and frequently go the extra mile for customers. They appreciate that your engine needs to be operational for the maximum time available and will do all they can to make that happen.

DiPerk Power Solutions in Canada is one such distributor. One of its customers, Polar Industrial Services Ltd, had a customer with an inoperable engine because it needed a part that was unavailable in Alberta. The parts department at DiPerk Power Solutions located this component within the Perkins distributor network and arranged to have it shipped direct to the customer’s location within 24 hours.

“This service gained Polar Industrial Services a new client who remembers this occasion and continues to purchase parts on a regular basis. Thanks for the exceptional service!”
Oren Grabas, parts manager, Polar Industrial Services Ltd
How our distributors go the extra mile


To the rescue

DiPerk Power Solutions also came to the rescue of Marlene and Ross Schnurr of the Schnurr Power Corporation in British Columbia in Canada. One of its clients, Westcoast Railcars, needed a replacement fuel filter housing for its Perkins 2806 engine that was not available anywhere in North America – and a delay in the running of the railcars was not an option.

So the team at DiPerk Power Solutions took one off an existing engine it had in stock and supplied that overnight, while waiting for a replacement part to come from the UK. The customer feedback was extremely positive. 

“As an OEM who uses Perkins, we have found the Perkins distribution network to be a valuable part of our customer service to our clients.”
Marlene and Ross Schnurr of the Schnurr Power Corporation