Perkins genuine turbochargers deliver power, precision and total peace of mind

Should the turbocharger on your engine fail, it’s important you choose a replacement that generates the same performance benefits you’ve come to rely on. Perkins genuine turbochargers provide all the reassurance you need. Whether you opt for new, reman or new-for-old, Perkins has a genuine, precision-built turbocharger that is right for your engine – and which is competitively priced.

Whatever you use your engine to power, it’s essential that both engine and machine perform to their maximum level. When a turbocharger fails, the only way to guarantee your engine will continue to operate at its best is to choose a replacement that’s perfectly matched to its exact specifications. And that means choosing Perkins genuine turbochargers.

Turbochargers are precision-engineered to improve the performance and increase the power output in your engine. Any replacement, therefore, must be manufactured to your engine’s precise requirements or engine performance could be affected, for example in reduced power.

Perkins genuine turbochargers

Perkins genuine turbochargers are built with the unrivalled precision you need, with tolerances as fine as one-millionth of an inch. That’s 1/100th the thickness of a piece of paper.

By choosing the precision of Perkins, you’ll have a replacement that is designed and manufactured for your specific engine by the same people who originally built it.

And you’ll have total peace of mind that your new turbo will ensure your engine continues to work at maximum efficiency – optimising both its fuel consumption and performance long into the future.

Choice of options

Perkins offers three turbocharger options – new, reman and new-for-old (NFO) – designed to suit every customer need. Each offers competitive pricing, good availability and the proven dependability you get when you buy the Perkins brand.

New turbochargers: New Perkins genuine turbochargers are manufactured to the exact same specification as the turbocharger in your original engine. They ensure continued performance at the highest level and are supplied with a 12-month warranty.

Reman turbochargers: Remanufactured Perkins turbochargers are built from an existing turbo core to original OEM specifications, including any engineering updates. Parts are quality assured and tested by Perkins engineers to ensure they perform to the same level as a new turbo. Reman turbochargers come with the same 12-month warranty as new, and offer an average cost saving of around 30 percent compared with buying new.

NFO turbochargers: With NFO, customers receive a brand new turbocharger in exchange for their old turbo core – and pay around 85 per cent of the price of a new one. Perkins recently launched a range of NFO turbochargers for its 1104 engines.

With your turbocharger playing such an important part in how your engine and machine perform, it’s important you replace precision with precision. By choosing Perkins genuine turbochargers, you’ll guarantee maximum performance at a competitive price. This is good economy, because it will ensure your engine – and machine – continue to deliver the fuel economy and high performance you’ve come to rely on.


Fast Facts

Perkins turbochargers:

  • Operate at up to 180,000 revolutions per minute. Elite cyclists reach around 250 rpm – that’s 700 times less than a Perkins engine
  • Are precision-manufactured with tolerances as fine as one-millionth of an inch. That’s 1/100th the thickness of a piece of paper
  • Are tested at a simulated altitude of 4,500m – almost as high as the summit of Mont Blanc. That’s because turbochargers’ air systems are susceptible to damage at high altitude

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Turbocharges boost performance

Turbochargers are integral parts of many Perkins engines, precision engineered to strict tolerances. They play a key part in how the engines perform.

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Turbocharges boost performance
Turbocharges boost performance