Why Perkins oil is best for your engine

Not all engine oils are the same. A good oil will be formulated for specific engine needs. Using it will maximise your engine life, control emissions and reduce the cost of maintenance. Perkins diesel engine oil is a new custom formulation specially designed to meet the needs of our engines. It is the only oil recommended and approved by Perkins.

Perkins Engine Oil is unique. It has been designed specifically to meet the needs of hard working off-road Perkins diesel engines.

Whilst other oils are formulated to meet the minimum specification requirements, Perkins Engine Oil has been formulated specifically for the long operating life, and performance of Perkins engines.

Resulting from more than 28 years of experience from across our wider business, thousands of hours in the field and many hundreds of hours testing.

Out-performed standard oils

Perkins Engines Oil was tested under our business Engine Crankcase Fluid (ECF) 2 tests, and out-performed standard CI-4 oils. These tests run engines for service life periods under high load. Checking not only the condition of the oil at the end of the test, but also include taking the engine apart at the end of the test to inspect it for deposits on the rings, soot related wear and whether sludge has collected in the engine’s galleries and sump.

These are extreme condition tests, and Perkins Engines Oil passed them easily.



Perkins® Diesel Engine Oil - The lifeblood of your engine

Perkins diesel engine oil

Perkins® Diesel Engine Oils

Perkins oils are recommended by Perkins for use in your diesel engines. Find more information on the specification and benefits.

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Emissions standards

The steady increase in emission standards has had a significant impact on oil specifications, as oil can both contribute and have an impact on reducing emissions. As a CI-4 oil, Perkins Engines Oil meets the requirements of EU Stage IIIA/U.S. EPA Tier 3, and with its improved formulation it can also be used in engines below that level.

Unique to Perkins

The formulation of Perkins Engine Oil is unique to Perkins. To gain the benefits from Perkins Engine Oil, talk to your local Perkins distributor. It is made up of three base oils to deliver the right viscosity across the working temperature ranges, and a combination of 12 additives, including:
  • Viscosity stabilisers to ensure a long and stable operating life
  • Dispersants and detergents to prevent the build-up of sludge and ash
  • Anti-wear agents and friction modifiers to ensure good lubrication and prevent wear

This unique engine oil is made up of a mix of additives, designed specifically to prevent the build-up of conditions which can impair the oil performance, reduce operating life and potentially damage engine components.


“It was tested under our business Engine Crankcase Fluid tests, and out-performed standard CI-4 oils. These are extreme condition tests, and Perkins Engine Oil passed them easily.”

Julian Wood, product marketing manager, Service and Maintenance Products

Perkins ELC and ELI data sheets

Perkins® ELC provides better protection for your engine and is more cost effective in the long-term than conventional coolant technology. Alternatively Perkins ELI is designed for marine and industrial engines working in environments that do not experience freezing temperatures. 

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