What's going on inside your engine?

Still shot from aftermarket animation
Still shot from aftermarket animation

The difference is in the detail

Have you ever wondered what’s happening deep inside your engine, why your parts are designed and manufactured the way they are?

The videos below take you through your engine step by step.

Let's take a look inside...


Filtration first

Truly the first line of defense for your engine, your filters need to protect against contaminants in oil, fuel and the air. That’s a tough job when we have around 2.7 tons of dust and grit per cubic mile in a typical city.

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Genuine parts, extreme conditions

Learn more about genuine parts and how we test them at extreme conditions

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Power is born

Did you know in-cylinder pressure runs at approximately 2,175 psi – that’s pretty extreme, roughly equal to an ocean depth of almost a mile.

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Keep it cool

With hundreds of thousands of liters of coolant passing through your engine’s water pump every 24 hours, dependability is a must.

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Almost 90 years ago, we were the first company to recognize the potential of diesel for the off-highway market. Since then, we’ve been one of the world’s leading suppliers of off-highway diesel engines. This long history means our engineers understand exactly how to design and manufacture outstanding diesel engines which will stand the test of time.

To keep them running well, we put as much thought into the parts we sell as in the initial engine design, and we work closely with our local distributors so their technicians are fully trained and benefit from our longstanding knowledge.

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